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South american server

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Its been denied. I know it has and due to this pretty much everyone from South america has 200+ ping and its not drivable. I feel like all the South american people are being left out even tho we make up a well % of the drivers. This doesnt make sense and ive seen alot of drivers in 2021 from South america with 200+ ping struggling and truth is we dont have a translater or someone who can speak out in representation of the comunity but we are being ignored and rejected when all we want to do is have a server to able to play without lagging, literally every game has a server dedidacted to their South american players where even americans or canadians can find better pings also. Even an american server will be help full (anything!) I dont know why or how it got this point. Its terrible. I can garantee you folks if you bring back the South american server we wount allow anyone to take it away from us. I dont know who took this determaination but mptruckers has completly turned its back to the South american people and they even put us in the "rejected" section and close. First time ive ever been asking for a server from a game. You can say its "playable" for us. Its not. Im new to the game and I speak english/spanish/portuguese and all my people have to play with 200-300ping. Im talking people from México, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil just to mention some countries affected and VTC who have been denied and are still faithfull to the game. I believe  South america as a whole and part of USA deserve more then to just be put in the "rejected" part of the forums. 

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Please use the format we require you to use so we can properly forward your suggestion.  

Indeed this suggestion will be put into the rejected section on the forum as you've not done what we asked you to do. We want you to use the suggestion format whenever you're suggesting something to us on the forum.  

Check it out:


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