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[Web] Feedback - one ticket?

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Suggestion Name: Feedback - one ticket?

Suggestion Description: allow creating multiple tickets

Any example images:


Why should it be added?: 

At the moment, each user can create only one ticket in the feedback. Of course, I understand why this is done, but I would like to say that you also need to look at this from a different angle. I want to explain this, and I hope you agree that this needs to be fixed.


So, let's say now I have sent a feedback ticket to the "Game Management" category, due to the large number of requests, the answer for this ticket can be expected for several days and also several days to discuss all the issues related to this request. 

Even when the ticket is reviewed quickly, the user has to wait one week for the ticket to be automatically closed. Thus, one call takes too much time and is at least one week. 

But what if at this time I want to send an appeal against the VTC, which violates the rules? This is a different category and other employees are reviewing such tickets. Therefore, it should not affect managers who are considering tickets for a different category. But I cannot create this ticket because I have already created another ticket for a different category. I think this is wrong.


Thus, I want to make a suggestion: to make a limitation, which is that a user can only submit one report in one category, but not one ticket for the entire feedback system. 

You might say that someone might be abusing it, but you have the tools and rules to stop it. So why should players who want and can do something better or are looking for a solution to their problems should suffer for those. Who is abusing the feedback system? This is not true for users who do not break the rules. Then you can make more severe punishment for those who abuse it, for example, block feedback for all categories for one week.


I hope this is a good idea and in the future we will be able to use different categories to get help.

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Hello ResTed,


Thank you for taking your time into submitting your suggestion to us. 

I have reviewed your suggestion that you have submitted to us and spoken about it to my colleagues.


We have elaborated together about this suggestion and we have come to the conclusion that we do understand your point but do not see enough reason to implement it into the TruckersMP website.  

This is because of several reasons:

We receive quite a lot of feedback tickets that are either false complaints or simply to ask us an obvious question. About 90% of the feedback tickets that we receive on a daily basis are false complaints and simple/obvious questions.

We want to avoid any possible spam we might receive within the feedback system.

Users can request us to move their ticket to a different category whenever they like.

We can forcefully close a ticket if we deem this to be necessary and thereby allowing users to create a new ticket again without them having to wait for their old ticket to close. This is only if we deem this to be necessary. Otherwise we can simply move categories of it.  


Because of these reasons will I be declining your suggestion.

I do want to thank you for taking your own personal time into trying to create a better enviroment within TruckersMP.


Have a nice day,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager

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