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Bug truckers freeze randomly


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This happened to me as well for about a year, though I do think it's when your ping jumps up. Meaning your internet is fluctuating within the server. Causing the jumps.


As well as your graphics could be a problem, though in this case to me it seems fine considering the video is very smooth etc.


Matter of fact I still have this happen on the EU servers. (American servers it doesn't happen considering I am from the U.S)


Meaning there is nothing that could/can be done that I know of. (closing out browsers/music spotify/pandora etc)

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Thanks for your answers :)

I already have everything else closed 😕. I already moved my wifi router, I thought that could give a bit more stability. I'll probably try an ethernet cable in some weeks, would be a lot of work to hide it as it goes through multiple rooms.


Fortunately the freezing only occurred two times today and then it stopped. So hopefully it was a Sim 1 issue this time.

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