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  1. Hello @TheRealKing, luckily it seems like it just was a temporary Sim1 issue. The freezing didn't happen in the last two days. Could you close this for me? Thanks :)
  2. First, sorry for creating the topic in the wrong category. I haven't played TruckersMP today, so I can't tell if it was just a temporary Sim1 issue, or it happens again. I'll update you tomorrow evening if it has been resolved or it's still occurring
  3. I love driving multiple short routes as there's more time in cities which is more fun for me. Usually I'm driving Calais -> Duisburg or Calais -> Brussels -> Duisburg, I like traffic
  4. Thanks for your answers I already have everything else closed . I already moved my wifi router, I thought that could give a bit more stability. I'll probably try an ethernet cable in some weeks, would be a lot of work to hide it as it goes through multiple rooms. Fortunately the freezing only occurred two times today and then it stopped. So hopefully it was a Sim 1 issue this time.
  5. hi, so around every 15 minutes, the other trucks freeze for me. for other players im still driving. i need to stop, my friends need to wait for me. its so annoying. my internet is very good and stable. how to fix this? i also checked other threads but nothing helped. thanks in advance
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