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In-Game UI Theme: GTAV / Red, Black

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Hey Community, with this post i will give you a cutom UI with the Theme: GTAV, Red and Black.


Enjoy the UI.

Im happy about nice feedback ;D


UI Pack Name:  GTAV, Red and Black


Font Used: original


Made For MP Version: Alpha / 1.39.x


Download Link: https://workupload.com/file/JzdcWkRrbKA













Ingame UI:






Installation Tutorial


1. Extract Files from Zip Archiv

2. Goto: "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data"

3. Copy "ets2_mod" Folder to this Directory

4. Start TruckersMP and have Fun ;D




If you had any questions you cann add Me on Discord: Lucas L.#1024


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