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new extended chasis

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I wait what problems there will be with it. I haven't tested 1.40 yet and will probably wait until it is final. i think that with the extended chassis and the very long trailer we will really reach our limits this time when we have to drive around tight corners. Especially with oncoming traffic. Some people already fail to consider the turning circle with a 9-axle low loader. But I agree with you. This could make inclines easier, especially on forest roads. I drive with a manual gearbox and manual clutch. 2 driven axles and locking the differential are almost mandatory when pulling heavy loads.

excuse my bad English. i used google translator.

best regards

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I do believe the new chassis' will bring much more opportunity to the ATS MP community. Along with giving more opportunities with truckshows, and over-all a better variety to see on the road then the average semi. Along with these new chassis' , it would honestly help add more realism to the game and which I respect. Longer chassis' for the heavy hauls and the smaller ones for over the road. Along with this it will add much more save edit possibilities, which I don't know is a good or bad thing. Over all, I personally cant wait to see what the community can come up with and able to see on the road. :) 


Safe Travels,
| Demøn |


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