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Removal or Remodel of this Sign outside of Calais


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Suggestion Name: Removal or Remodel of this sign outside of Calais


Suggestion Description: This Sign is quite an obstruction to the view of drivers when leaving the Motorway as it blocks your view to the left, leaving you blind when pulling our onto the road towards Calais. This sign could be remodelled to be in a different location or size and would greatly decrease the rate of accidents at this junction, meaning less work for Game Moderators and a more realistic experience while playing TruckersMP.


Example Images Below:



Why it should be added: This should be added to reduce the work Game Moderators have to do at this junction as it will clear the view of drivers and therefor reduce the risk of collisions. This would Greatly improve the experience while playing TruckersMP.


I hope you take this into consideration, 

Many Thanks

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  • Project Manager

Hello @...AdamCat


We have looked into your suggestion in cooperation with Add-On Management and Project Management and have made the following consideration:

  • Traffic flow on this intersection is currently mediated by traffic lights;
  • Your image is taken from an extreme location (indicated by the red square in this image). In order to see the traffic lights, you need to stop by the green square. In that location, you should have sufficient vision of oncoming traffic. However, given that there are now traffic lights on this intersection, this should not necessarily be a requirement anymore. 

Considering that there is sufficient vision if you approach the intersection as intended and that there are now traffic lights that mediate the traffic flow, we do not see the necessity of (re)moving the sign and thus will reject your suggestion. Thank you for your understanding and interest.

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