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Notification for convoys

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Suggestion Name: Notification for convoys 


Suggestion Description:  An email would be welcome when we participate in a convoy in the section of your site (  https://truckersmp.com/events ) to remind us that the convoy is on the scheduled date. For example: The convoy you have marked present will start soon. Don't forget to go to the city on our event server. 


Any example images: 



Why should it be added?:  Because it could be an added bonus for TruckersMP and users. This could help people to be a little more present during the convoys and to arrive on time to avoid problems during the convoys. This could also increase the number of players who set this event as "I'm not sure to be there" and then add some potential to convoy. For example, imagine that I've created an event. It starts to 27th February. You're interested to join so you have set it as "I will be there!". But between 31.01 and 27.02, there is 31 days so it's possible that you forget it. With this, if you have enabled the email notification, you'll be able to have a reminder and then join the event at time.



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