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How do you distinguish whether a player is hacking or not?



this report (for hacking):

was rejected about a week ago. With the reason: "As your video showed that he was lagging and he was driving on his own lane so the players may not load for him therefore i won't take actions this time." So how do you distinguish if a player is hacking or not?

Because I can't see what a player sees on his screen and whether the vehicles were not loaded for him.

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Hello @Raphael_TMP 

It is quite difficult to distinguish de synchronization and hack. Things that are visible are if the person is in a traffic jam and easily passes through players, guardrails and other places that usually cannot be reached by simply driving. Or as the first video shows the player helping his friend and pushing him and he moves with ease, obviously using a hack.



it's really a desynchronization notice how a person goes through all of us and then crashes as he already sees people and his ghost fashion ends

Here's what really happens throws me for a while in the server writes me authentication I don't see anyone if I had continued to drive I would have thrown everyone out I was a hacker

I hope this answer and the examples to it have helped you understand how they understand each other

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Hello , @Raphael_TMP


Yes, when you first enter the game, it takes some time for the players on the server to load.During this time, the road seems empty and such a situation arises when the players progress.



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Hello there


Since you got your answer,

I will go ahead and move this topic to solve topics. If you have anymore issues in the future ,

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