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If your CB radio audio is really quiet/muffled

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I ran into this problem recently and while searching found a solution that was pretty well hidden and not fully grasped by the person who suggested it. The problem for me occurred because I use a dedicated sound card that is capable of outputting 32bit/384Khz audio. So naturally  in the sound panel (right click the speaker icon in the bottom right, click sounds, select the playback tab, highlight your default device with the green check mark by clicking it, click properties in the bottom right, click the advanced tab and it will be a drop down menu under default format) I had the highest bit/sample rate available selected.


By changing it back to the default (24 bit, 96000hz) I have solved the issue. It should be noted you can probably do this in your sound card`s program if it has one but this way should work regardless.


Hope this helps.

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