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Grand Utopia Map on Truckers MP

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Hello everyone,

I don't know how to contact the TruckersMP team directly so I use the forum to submit a new suggestion.

Suggestion Name:
Adding a Grand Utopia server


Suggestion Description: 
Grand Utopia is a 1:1 scale map wich invites virtual truckers to discover a new fictionnal world. The project is under development since 2018 and sould be completely done in 2022. Since the addition of a specific server to Promods Map, many Grand Utopia players have expressed the wish to one day see Grand Utopia playable in multi. This is why I am now submitting this idea to the TruckersMP team.
You can get more information about the map on the SCS Forum topic
(2) [REL][WIP] Grand Utopia Map (latest update ➤ 1.9) - SCS Software


Any example images: 
A lot of screenshots of the Grand Utopia can be seen here on Flickr : Albums de Grand Utopia | Flickr


Why should it be added?:
1 - I think that adding a map like this to TruckersMP will bring a new way of driving. A lot of player are intersted in realism and a 1:1 scale map is perfect for that kind of gaming experience.
2- This would allow TruckersMP to develop its offer and content and also to gain the loyalty of a greater number of players.
3- Grand Utopia is a map recognised by the ETS 2 community and is, according to ETS the community, one of the best in its category.

4- Last but not least, Grand Utopia is only built with standard SCS items so the map itself is easy to install and to use.

Thank you in advance for taking this suggestion into account. I know that this is not a usual and simple idea to put in place but I am convinced that it could be positive for the community.


Kind regards,
MyGodness, creator of Grand Utopia.

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Please see an extract from our Frequently Suggested Things:



Generally, we don't add 3rd party mods except for aesthetic ones, this is because map mods bring a whole lot of different issues that we necessarily can't handle. Mods that affect the truck are also generally not accepted since they can have unexpected consequences similar to what we see with save file editing (parts in locations where SCS didn't intend causing crashes, etc.).


Modifications generally slow down the process of updating the TruckersMP Client to the latest SCS Game version after an update. Whenever there is an update to the game, the mod most likely needs work to be done, which can take some time to port over to the new version, this is one of the reasons behind not having mods. 


The major blocker is the distribution of mods, the larger the mod, the harder it is to distribute. P2p would be an "easy" way, though it still requires infrastructure, in distributing the winter mod, we recently had support from 10gbps.io, even then we pinned a 10Gb port for hours on end, imagine that we'd need that kind of beef every time we updated the mod. Even if we'd get the tail to come quicker, the initial seed is necessary. Add to that, you have to provide a backup since many networks disallow p2p traffic.


We could put the mod behind a paywall, but this is something we rather not, we believe that this mod should be freely available to anyone, with the only requirement being a purchase of either ETS2 or ATS.



As such, map mods generally will not be added to TruckersMP at this time. Due to this I will be rejecting this suggestion. 



Community Manager

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