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Found 8 results

  1. tattytate

    Ets2 and vr

    Hi all . I was just interested in how many of you guys and gals use a vr device when gaming ets ? I know that we currently have no vr support on mp (and fully understand why ) but I was thinking how many more use vr now compared with a couple of years ago . with oculus soon to launch a second gen head set the market will soon see a increase in second hand sets and a drop in price . Will we see enough demand from mp members to warrant a server for mp ? What are your thoughts on ets2 in vr and a mp server in general. Thanks . dicky.
  2. Hey Guys, Can I use the oclus rift for Multiplayer? Greetings Jonas
  3. Hey I'm Interested in using my VR Headset in ETS2 Multiplayer I know that VR works in ETS2 but don't know how to use it in MP. Does anyone use it and could help me to set everything up? Greetings Morris
  4. Имеется шлем виртуальной реальности HTC Vive, который без проблем подключается в соло игре. Но в мультиплеере возникает конфликт бета версий (а именно- актуальная версия для мультиплеера, ругается на бета версию Oculus\Vive в стиме). Раньше помню был даже сервер под VR в мультике, сейчас этого нет заметил (надеюсь что это временно ). Собственно вопрос- реально ли запустить мультиплеер в шлеме виртуальной реальности с актуальной бета версией под мультик, или может есть какие- то альтернативные пути запуска не накатывая бета версию Oculus\Vive в стиме?
  5. Hi, I have question: there is any way to play in MP in VR mode? Regards
  6. HI why this project always require on newest version of game? Its sad that MP requre when VR supported version is 1.27.2.something-s I mean its almost same version.. just added VR support so why it cant be supported by you guys? Thanks
  7. Captain783

    Oculus Rift

    So, I bought an Oculus Rift in December. Steam has support for ETS VR... was wondering if a, anyone plays with a VR kit? and b, will TruckersMP be adding support for VR?
  8. hi guys. How does it look now in terms of adding VR support? surely there are more people now with the headsets. ETS2 is my all time fave for VR enjoyment. MP would be absolutely awesome. Cheers
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