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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to Dylan’s Gallery! Not the 10/10 media person, but love to take photos This gallery will consist of ETS2 and ATS photos, maybe some videos! All photos come from status updates but also include some unseen pictures; in which I took too many for a status update, or they’re just not worthy to post in a status update! GOODYEAR Trailer! Special Transport DLC Courtz&PrimeLogisticPartner Convoy! Caravan Touring Simulator 2
  2. Hello. I'm LPmitElias (Elias). I'm 15 and I'm a passionate Editor since 3 years. I'm cutting some cool Videos in ETS2 and TruckersMP. Here I will post all my new projects. And I would be very happy about your feedback! (I know I posted it again, but i just want to have it in this Topic. But I would be happy if you can give me here Feedback, too.)
  3. Hi guys & gals, It's been a long time since I had a thread up on this forum, but it's a new year so let's see how things go. First up is a video I've just posted on one of my channels highlighting the same old multiplayer issues
  4. Welcome! Rolling in the vast TruckersMP, I began to stream, shoot, process. I decided to share with You. I hope You will find it interesting. To begin with, I add a video that also participates in the contest "spring giveaway". Also on this channel you will find my stream, riding in virtuality, and somewhere in reality. /// Добро пожаловать! Катая на просторах TruckersMP, я начал стримить, снимать, обрабатывать. Я решил поделиться с Вами. Я надеюсь, Вам будет это интересно. Для начала, добавляю видео, которое так же участвует в конкурсе "spring giveaway". Так же на этом канале Вы найдете мои стримы, езда в виртуальности, и где то в реальности.
  5. Hello guys and gals, Welcome to Ataris production. I have had Euro Truck Simulator 2 for over a year now, but have only recently played Multiplayer. I also like making videos and so i have recently made a gaming youtube channel. In there you will find Euro Truck Simulator 2 content every Monday, both Single player and Multiplayer Experiences. For my first post i would like to present my latest upload on youtube. This video is a compilation of the things that i have seen on Multiplayer for my first week. Im sure everyone has seen this type of things happen to them on Multiplayer, so to make the video interesting i have added funny edits and sound effects. I hope you enjoy the video as much as i did making it, and if you did please subscribe as it would mean a lot for me. Thanks
  6. 卡车司机中国 中文称为欧卡中国车队联盟,联盟由兄弟协会小组发起 并管理,联盟成员由欧洲卡车模拟2各车队和各类型散人团队组成,目 前联盟成员车队有40余家。车队联盟成立于2017年6月28日,期间多次 代表中国车队参加过国际联运,联盟每个月都会组织不同类型的区域性 大联运,截至目前参加人数最多的一次达到300人以上! 2019年10月5日,联盟第15次大联运圆满结束。 ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============================================= 哔哩哔哩(Bilibili) 视频链接1:YuChen制作版本 视频链接2:YanHui制作版本 西瓜视频(西瓜视频) 链接:YuChen制作版本 视频上传:RK *【125】*末情 ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ========================================== TruckersCHN第十六次大联运将在2019年11月9日古董。若想与我们RK车队一起参加。 欢迎加入欧卡2联机交流二群:913435393。晚上7.30准时发档。11月9日的大联运期待着你的到来。 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 若有其他参加联运的车队,也可以将参加车队人员名单(以文本形式)发至邮箱:[email protected](收到并答复,并表示感谢) 我们将在视频片尾公布(如上图所示)!谢谢合作
  7. First of all, hello everyone and welcome to my Media Corner! I'll be posting here all kind of screenshots and videos from Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as from American Truck Simulator (mainly from TruckersMP). As I play both of those games pretty often, you can expect this topic to be updated at least once a week with a new screenshot or video. Of course, I hope that all of you will like the screenshots and videos that I'm going to post here in the future. The first screenshots I'm sharing in here is from a semi-long trip from Sicily all to way to the UK. This MAN TGX has an engine that has got a bit over 400hp and a 12-speed gearbox. The weight of the trailer was around 12 tonnes if I'm not mistaken. (The location was in France, near the city of Limoges)
  8. A short summary of one journey in TruckersMP.
  9. I've made many cinematics in ETS2 and I plan to actively make more. Here's my full playsist of ETS2 Cinematics to show how much progress can be made through practice. Videos are in chronelogical order (Oldest first - Newest last) This was my first edit in ETS2 for ETL, now known as ISL This was my second edit which came a couple weeks after my first one (also for ETL) The third edit came about 4-5 months after my first edit. Again it was for the same company - then known as ISL - and this one was one of my biggest edits in 2016 4 months later the TruckersMP Summer play Offs began. This was my entry in the qualifier (again featuring IST - noticing a theme yet?) which got me through to the finals with a few other members of the community. This video was also my first cinematic edit to use colour correction. When the Summer Play Offs Finals came round, i decided that this edit had to be big (within the 1:30 time frame) This was also the first cinematic I created without IST and I made up a VTC and logo to use in the video. After the Summer Play Offs I didn't make any more edits until the next year (2017) This edit for Con Sec Group was recorded, edited, and uploaded within a day - making it the quickest edit to create from scratch (Including a refreshed logo for Con Sec Group) Haulage64 is by far the best known and most popular event in the TruckersMP calendar and I was privileged enough to create the promo video for H64 2017 (The video has since been taken down) Now there is a WIP edit I began to create when the heavy haulage DLC was released. Unfortunately I was never able to do much with this edit as I was bogged down with exams. This edit didn't actually go very far at the time however I may be able to do something with it at some point. (If you really want to see it as a finished product, let me know) [No Video Preview] I also have a second WIP edit which is likely to be completed by the end of august (August is a busy month for me) and this edit is for the upcoming release of double trailers (recorded in the 1.28 Public Beta) Another advancement of skill with this edit is the fully dynamic camera movements A few days after posting the Cinematic WIP Flagship Events hosted the pre-event truck fest for Haulage64 2017 (WishFest) Being part of the Flagship team I attended and spenthe much of my time recording. The next day, after over 12 hours editing in premiere pro, the video was uploaded! (I might have spammed it on discord and social media ) Now, this next one is an interesting edit. I'd been wanting to create an edit in Farming Simulator 2015 for quite some time, had a few attempts, none of them really made it out of production. So at the start of August, I decided to just make a cinematic and post it regardless, be it short or long. I went into FS17, did 20 mins of recording, and just went for it. Used some slow acustic movement, played around with the colours and done. Here it is: So I've been busy with college in recent months however the beta for the new Scania was released so I couldn't miss this chance. Here's a quick teaser of the new Scania. The main aim of this video is just to build hype for the new update and hint at some upcoming cinematics. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Remember to keep an eye on this thread as this post will be added to with every additional edit. When another edit is added I will post a little note in the comments and on my profile. Remember to follow this thread to see each edit as it is released!
  10. En días anteriores he tenido que reportar algunos usuarios por conductas contrarias a las reglas: choques, dirección contraria, conducción temeraria, bloquear la vida, etc. para dichos reportes he aportado vídeos de prueba, los cuales subo a Youtube, sin embargo he tenido problemas con comentarios en los vídeos de ofensas e inclusive amenazas, en los últimos vídeos he optado por desactivar los comentarios, que por cierto no se si será la mejor opción pues los usuarios deberian aprender a aceptar sus errores y no romper las reglas, sin embargo mi duda es que hacer con esos comentarios, yo les tome capturas de pantalla, pero no puedo volver a reportar, pues el sistema de indica que el usuario ya se encuentra baneado, entonces no se que corresponde hacer, no se si exista algún otro medio para hacer llegar esas fotos a los administradores o si se pueden traer a estos foros o que opciones hay disponibles. Agradezco su ayuda
  11. Seanster

    The Unexpected

    I'm looking for videos where you were taken by surprise by something. The sort-of moment where you actually jump and/or swear/scream. (not just random fails or trolls) I'll start it off.
  12. Thank you all to who turned up to the , we really do appreciate it. so lets paste some pictures or videos of our amazing time!Here are mine! Video: Coming Soon™ Pictures: Album: http://imgur.com/a/OoPo4
  13. Hi guys, I've just started a series of multiplayer euro truck sim videos on youtube, and I thought I'd make a thread so I can reach the people that'd be most interested in this content easier. The series is called 'Ladz on Tour' - I'll be recording with my friends going around ETS2 server #2 We aren't so good at playing anything seriously so please excuse our awfulness I've only very recently started making youtube videos, so obviously there is a load of room for improvement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RSzbfvoT8Q If you have any suggestions of what we can do next, that'd be super, thanks guys
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