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  1. La empresa Truck Monkey ESP sigue mostrando su mejor cara a la hora de hacer unas increibles fotos! Buen trabajo! Si quieres que tu foto sea publicada, contáctame al Discord y publicare tu foto! [Spanish] If you want your photo to be published, contact me at the Discord and I will publish your photo! [English]
  2. Good afternoon. @ValskraaCapo I hope this information helps you. Depending on the day of the week and month, the servers can increase the number of users according to the time, also there can be many users if there is an event in process or Official Convoy. If server 1 is full, try to start on server 2 and then when you have lowered the intensity of users on server 1 try to access it. Kind Regards @IBERIA454
  3. Good morning. @Ra1n Dr2p I will try to help you. To play with an authorized Mod in Multiplayer, first you must install the Mod by opening the game in Singleplayer, then go to Mod manager and install the authorized Mod, once you have installed the Mod, buy the trailer you want in Singleplayer mode, and save the game. Then you will be able to access the multiplayer without any problem and use the profile you installed the mod. If you get a message to stop the mod, accept it and continue. I hope this information was helpful. Kind Regard
  4. Good night. @Pholkeno BV Logistic You can purchase any of the flags that show "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Window Flags". You can wait for the community to make an update and implement new flags, but at the moment the ones it contains are the ones that exist. Kind Regards @IBERIA454
  5. İyi geceler. @donderanil [Translation Turkish] Bugün size yardım etmeye çalışacağım. Oyunun içinde, yakınlarda olacak oyuncuların isimlerinin göründüğü ve aynı zamanda bir kullanıcıyla ilgili bir problemin ortaya çıktığı, farenin sağ tuşuyla ve isme basıldığı yerde "Tab" tuşu bulunan bir bölüm vardır. Oyuncuya, kendi takdirinize bağlı olarak rapor edebilirsiniz ve daha sonra bir yönetici, diğer kullanıcı tarafından bir ihlal olduğunu doğrulamak için katılacaktır. Ayrıca idareyi desteklemek ve yardım etmek için, bir rapor hazırlamak ve bunu TruckersMP toplulu
  6. Good afternoon. @Ryan E I will try to help you. First of all, if you want your personalized license plate on your vehicle, truck or car, please log in : https://worldoftrucks.com/ Once the session has started we will go to the option: Profile Customization. As shown in the image: Now that we are in the "Profile Customization" interface with the mouse we will go down until we reach the section : Euro Truck Custom License Plate. We will select the plate we want for our vehicle and put the letters and numbers we choose. Then we will s
  7. Godnat Jeg vil prøve at hjælpe dig! Fra det jeg ser på din skærm kan jeg se, at der er en fejl med følgende fil: promods-def-st-v251 (8) Slet denne fil og gå til den officielle side med promods, som jeg giver her: https://www.promods.net/ Når du er på ProMods-webstedet, skal du gå til Downloads og generere din tilsvarende DEF-fil i trin 1. Anbefalingen er at lade DEF-filen være som vist i posten. Når filen er genereret, skal du indsætte den i din Euro Truck Simulator 2-mappe Den genererede fil skal være
  8. Buenas tardes @Secadero. Te voy a intentar ayudar en el día de hoy. Solución 1 : Tienes que hacer cambios en el ajuste de Steam -control del juego- desbloquea todas las demás opciones excepto la primera, entonces el steam detectará tus dispositivos. Solución 2 : Si el juego reconoce el botón pulsado, significa que el dispositivo funciona correctamente, ¿verdad? Comprueba la rueda con su software en caso de que haya cables sueltos o desenchufados. Solución 3 : También puedes actualizar los drivers del controlador con el siguiente enlance: https://support
  9. Hi @ClaudyuTM Try this: Solution 1: I would like to know if you are using 2 directories from which you are running you ETS ? If yes, i will write down below what the issue could be. ( This is an example ) I am using 2 separate directories to run ETS, one is located in "C:" drive and i use it for Singleplayer, the other one is located in "C:" and it is for Multiplayer. So, the thing you should try ( if you are using 2 directories ) is to go to the one from where you run Singleplayer ( as you said, you see your profile in SP but no in MP ) and go to "profiles" an
  10. I think adding new trucks makes the game much more visionary for future players. The more fun content the more players the community will have. Amí really loves the vehicles that the game contains, it has a great variety, and with the new DLC that they present of the Tunning, it makes that you can design your truck to your taste and criterion. What would make it much more fun and interesting would be to add old or rigid trucks that are still in use today. That is to say: - Scania Rigid - Scania RS&R4 - Scania R500 - Volvo FH2012 - Volvo FH MK - DAF XT REWORK - S
  11. La empresa Truck Monkey esta entusiasmada con sus empleados, y cada uno de ellos son todo unos fotógrafos, a continuación mostramos mas fotografías hechas por sus empleados! [Spanish]

    A empresa Truck Monkey está muito entusiasmada com os seus empregados, e cada um deles é um fotógrafo. Aqui estão mais algumas fotografias tiradas pelos seus empregados! [Português]

    The company Truck Monkey is very excited about its employees, and each one of them is a photographer. Here are some more pictures taken by its employees! [English]










  12. Aquí una de las primeras entregas de fotografías hechas por la empresa Truck Monkey ESP. Gracias por vuestras fotos!
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