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Found 15 results

  1. Martin's Holiday Truckfest & Convoy After having a little poll on my discord, I decided taking upon the responsibility of hosting a truckfest and leading a convoy afterwards. I will most likely be doing this yearly, which would be quite interesting to see how it would turn out. The main intention of this is to gather everyone up and have a great time and send off 2018 as a funny and successful year! Main information: Date & Time: 29-th of December, 18:00 GMT Meeting place: Port, Stavanger Convoy Starting Point: Port, Stavanger Convoy Ending Point: IKA, Orebro Server: TBA RSVP: Sign up link (ETS2C) This is of key importance, as the more you sign up, the better chance there is for the event to be hosted on a private server! Images & Booking: Click on the one that you would like to see. Truckfest Booking Image Convoy Route Booking Form Schedule: Start of Truckfest - 18:00 GMT Judgement for Awards - 18:25 GMT Winners Announcement - 18:35 GMT Convoy Start - 18:50 GMT Truckfest Rules: Do NOT use any beacons. Do NOT horn spam. If you are in a VTC that has booked a slot, you must be within its range. If you are bringing a trailer, leave it at the area marked on the image. Parking within the area reserved for staff is prohibited. No vulgar usage of language and/or causinga arguments, whether it is between VTCs or not. You MUST follow all of TruckersMP's rules. Convoy Rules: Keep a safe distance between you and the player in front of you (More than 80 metres should be fine). Do NOT drive recklessly or push other people intentionally. Do NOT horn spam. Overtaking is prohibited, UNLESS allowed by the person in front of you. If a person is lagging, letting him know is the best option. If you got connection related issues, please remain at the back part of the convoy, in FRONT of the tail. You MUST follow all of TruckersMP's rules. Make sure to check me out on Twitch, where the convoy will most likely be livestreamed. If you want, you could join my Discord Server and get in direct touch with me! Thank you for reading this and hopefully, I will see you around New Year! Kind Regards, Martin.
  2. Past Event We are back with another Christmas event! Last year we held the same event and had over 200 people arrive including 19 VTC's. This year we are including a convoy with our own events and convoy operations team leading the way. We have taken a new approach to how we are organising this event, with new event staff and better convoy controllers. Information -> Server: ETS2 EU#3 (Until Further Notice) -> Start Location: Stavanger, Sea Port -> Destination: Bergen, Drekkar Trans -> DLC: Scandinavia -> Event Staff will be present at 17:55 (GMT) onwards -> Truckfest Start: 18:10 GMT -> Truckfest Judging Start: 18:30 GMT -> Truckfest Winner Announcements: 18:45 GMT -> Convoy Start: 19:10 GMT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timetable at truckfest: 17:55 - KGT's Staff will be there to help you find your slot 18:10 - Truckfest will start 18:30 - Judging will start for - Most Attended VTC. - Best VTC Paint Job - Best Looking Truck (Public) - Best Formation (VTC) -Best Overall VTC 18:45 - The winners will be announced 19:10 - The christmas convoy will start ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TruckFest Rules: -Allowed to Advertise with Founders Permission -No Beacons -No Horn spamming -You must go to the slot you have booked or public parking -You must only arrive with 3 (MAX) trailers during the Truckfest -You must respect everybody in the truckfest -You must always listen to the events staff -All trailers parked on Ferry (Unless being used) -Enjoy yourself! Convoy Rules: -No Horn Spamming -No Offensive Usernames of any sort -Avoid inappropriate overtaking. If the person is lagging badly, let him know. -No Profanity/Insults in game -Respect people in teamspeak and convoy. -No Ramming. Blocking or trolling. -No VTC Advertisement without permission. -Enjoy yourself! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links ETS2MP Event: https://ets2c.com/view/72324/avro-sisters-stavanger-sea-port- Discord: https://discord.gg/22amPtf Convoy Route: http://imgur.com/a/TjLTB Truckfest Parking: https://imgur.com/a/7bjZZ VTC Parking Slot Request: goo.gl/QGYPBs Avro's Discord: Avro Sisters#7848 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To ensure we achieve an event server, please go onto the ETS2C link shown above and mark your attendance. Thanks ================================================================================================== KGT are looking to expand within the community with a range of experienced drivers and convoy controllers to join our team! If you think you have what it takes, then join us today! Apply on our website - Kingsglobaltransport.uk Or you can join us on Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/KAZ68M5 Organised By Kings Global Transport Event Services // Controlled By Kings Convoy Services
  3. Hello Trucking community, My name is DavNav and I have been sent from the magical world of discord to deliver you an extremely important announcement from the tongue of the event founder, Mr. Chicken himself. As his second in command I have been told to tell you about a wonderful charity event that Axiel Gaming will be hosting next year to help those who have lost children due to stillbirth. We did a survey within the gaming group and found that many people felt that this was a worthy cause for our charity event and we are happy to announce that we will be supporting SANDS (The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) in order to raise funds to help with their resources and providing as much help to those affected as possible. We collectively felt that this was a great cause and so many more people than just those in our community have been affected by it and require all the help and support that they can, we also know that there more people outside of our community will be happy to join in and help others. Below will be some frequently asked questions. Q1) So who are SANDS? A1) Here is a message from the team themselves; Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives. Sands was founded by bereaved parents in 1978 who found that there was no access to support following the deaths of their babies. Since then Sands has grown, but parents who have experienced baby death are still at the core of everything we do. We are made up of staff and volunteers. The Sands Helpline works together with our local volunteer Groups and befrienders to ensure that anyone affected by the death of a baby has access to compassionate, experienced support. Our Improving Bereavement Care team, with support from Sands Groups, trains Health Care Professionals to offer appropriate care to parents when their baby dies. Thanks to the hard work of our supporters, we are also able to fund research to help answer the questions that surround stillbirth and neonatal death. We fund some research directly and support other studies by helping to recruit participants or acting as co-applicants on funding applications. Donation Link You can donate safely and securely on our just giving page. Your donation will go straight to the charity! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/trucking4charity Find Out More Info Here https://sands.org.uk/ Q2) When is this event? A2) The convoy and truckfest is taking place on 25th May 2019 The Truckfest will begin at 11AM with the convoys beginning 1 Hour later and lasting for 12 hours. Q3) Will the event have its own server? A3) Currently we are not entirely sure if the event will have it's own server but we really would like it to as it would allow us to better control the situation and also enforce our own extra rules better. If for some reason TMP do not see it as appropriate for us to run this event on a separate server it will most likely take place on EU3 To aid in getting a server, we would appreciate if you would sign up to the event with this link: https://ets2c.com/view/76425/dj-chicken-dover-sea-port Q4) Can I have a truckfest slot? A4) Currently there are at least 3 truckfest slots left and we would love to see you apply to have your VTC at the event with the possibility of being named best VTC in show, however should there be no slots left when you apply we would still love to see you appear with your VTC at the event to show that your appreciation. Q5) Will Axiel Gaming gain any profit from this event? A5) This is a charity event and Axiel Gaming will make no profit from running it. All funds go directly to the Charity through the link provided above and Axiel Gaming will see none of it. Q6) Are there any Sponsors? Truck Sim FM are extremely proud to be sponsoring this charity event and will be helping to provide the best experience possible and if you would like to join them in sponsoring we would be happy to take a look at what you would like to offer. Q7) How can I get in touch with you? A7) Its easy, there are many ways of communication for this post, these are listed below; 1) find us on discord at: https://discord.gg/PUDZYr7 2) find us on our website at: https://trucking4charity.tk/ 3) find us on twitter at: https://twitter.com/Trucking4C_2019 4) find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trucking4C/ In the end, however you choose to contact us, we will be happy to help and provide any answer to any question that you have Thank you DavNav™
  4. MrDrunk

    Christmas Truckfest!

    Hello all! Me and a bunch of friend was talking and thought of how great it would be if the moderators and event team created on Christmas day a event where everyone can join and show of their trucks! Just like Truckfest! They should make a server big enough to hold lots of players who are wanting to join and have a good time. If this could happen this year that would be amazing! Thank you for your time and hope this for a through! - MrDrunk.
  5. [TM&Zn]Robbe_Plays

    I would like a event server.

    Hello truckersmp staff, I am Robbe the owner off European Internationals VTC and i would like a event server for my truckfest that's comming soon. If there's someone that can reply i really thank you. Wmg. Robbe, Owner off European Internationals VTC.
  6. DJ Jefferz

    AtlasFirst! - Day 2

    Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 2: Sunday 15th April 2018 ETS2C LINK Server: ATS EU American Truck Simulator TEMP RULES Details for Day 1: Click Here Agenda Truckfest (4-5PM BST) Convoy (5-6:30PM BST) 30 Min Break Races (7PM BST Onwards) TRUCKFEST..... Details 3:45PM - 4:15PM - Setup 4:15PM - 4:40PM - Judging 4:40PM - 4:50PM - Winners 4:50PM - 5PM - Grab Your Trailers! Slot 1: GROFR Slot 5: VIVA Slot 9: VACANT Slot 2: VACANT Slow 6: TST Group Slot 10: VACANT Slot 3: MCR Logistica Slot 7: Legacy Freight Services Slot 11: VACANT Slot 4: VIVA Slot 8: Fast Cargo Slot 12: VACANT Slot 13: Trucking United BOOK SLOT HERE CONVOY...... Details: Albuquerque to Tucson Race Course Trailer: YES TEMP RULES Route: Click image for more details RACES..... RACE DETAILS: Public Mini Tournament - Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd - SIGN UP Public Car Race - SIGN UP Event Staff Race - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED Free For All - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED We're really excited to be celebrating a whole year of Atlas!! We'll see you there.
  7. DJ Jefferz

    AtlasFirst! - Day 1

    Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 1: Saturday 14th April 2018 ETS2C Link Euro Truck Simulator 2 TEMP Rules Details of Day 2 can be found HERE Agenda Truckfest: (5PM - 6PM BST) Taranto, Italy Timed Races: (6PM BST Onwards) Taranto, Italy TRUCKFEST..... Details: 4:45PM - 5:15PM - Setup 5:15PM - 5:40PM - Judging 5:40PM - 5:50PM - Winners 5:50PM - 6PM - Timed Races Setup! Slots: Slot 1: VTL - NL Slot 7: ConSec Slot 13: VACANT Slot 2: Fast Cargo VTC Slow 8: Legacy Freight Services Slot 14: VACANT Slot 3: Beatz Gaming Slot 9: Viva Trucking Slot 15: Trucking United Slot 4: EHHVTC Slot 10: Wolfpack Trucking Slot 16: Simulator Radio VTC Slot 5: Viva Slot 11: MCR Logistics Slot 17: GROFR Slot 6: Alpha Logistics LTD Slot 12: ICE - VTC Slot 18: VACANT Slot 19: VACANT BOOKING CLOSED Races..... Timed Races We will be racing the route above in several 1V1 races We will then pick the fastest 4 lap times have 2 more races with the fastest 4 people the 2 who win those races will then go head to head The fastest to finish the last lap will win the races. BOOKING CLOSED
  8. EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5

    Clara's Dream

    Clara's Dream (EVENT HAS PASSED, COMPLETE, FINISHED) Thank you to everyone that attended This is EHHVTC's first event of this size, we have been planning hard for the last few months with other VTC's such as MJS, TSR, KGT, LKWTr and Sharp VTC to bring you the best event possible. A dedicated staff and CC team to lead us throughout the event. See below for information about the event, a short story about the event is also included so please give it a read. Date: February 24th 2018 Server: Clara's Dream Event Start Location: London NBFC Event Duration: 12Hours Truckfest, Convoy Meet up time: 13:00 UTC Event Start Time: 14:00 UTC Schedule: Truckfest: 14:00-14:45 Route 1: 15:00-16:30 Route 2: 16:50-18:20 Route 3: 18:40-20:10 Convoy Break: 20:10-21:10 (Break Activities, Drag races, *Parking challenges Coming Soon*) Parking Challenge One Parking Challenge 2 Route 4: 21:10-22:40 (No Fuel Stop, Fuel by choice, 1075miles, 2784km) Route 5: 23:00-00:30 Route 6: 00:50-02:20 EVENT LINKS: http://ets2c.com/view/70155/ehhvtctm-founder-gamer5-london-read-description-nbfc-surrounding-areas http://truckers.events/event/567-Claras-Dream-Remembrance-Event Truckfest Layout: (Bookable slots, Prizes up for grabs. VTC's and Public) VTC Parking: Public Parking: Rules: Use of the "Clara's Dream" server, should be only if you are with the Clara's Dream Event. If caught on the server away from the event you will be kicked, unless specified if they are trying to catch up or are lost from the group. All Players Are To Be In Trucks, With The Exception Of Event Staff Or TMP Moderators. Anyone else will be kicked if they use cars. Event Staff Can Use Police Cars And Skoda Cars. Event Staff Can Block Roads At Junctions To Keep Drivers On The Right Route. All Other Players Can NOT Block. Event Staff and Media Can Overtake The Convoy In The Wrong Direction Lane. All Other Players Can NOT Pass. Passing Will Result In Being Kicked. During the event no one is to be banned unless they fit under these circumstances. (Continuous reckless/ Careless driving, Deliberate ramming/ blocking after having a 2 stage warning. Excessive save editing, Insulting of staff or players after a 2 stage warning.) Overtaking. Overtaking is ONLY allowed if the person in front is lagging badly or if they are passing a crash. During the Truckfest, VTC's can have a maximum of 2 Trailers in the slots they have booked. Public are allowed to have trailers in the public parking ONLY and must not drive around aimlessly during the truckfest. All Other TMP Rules Apply As Usual. I am inviting you as the community and group to an event that means a lot to my heart. It is called Clara's dream. What is the event? This is where we as a community come together in a time of sadness. An event to celebrate the life and death of someone so young and so small but meant so much to those around her. Who is Clara? Clara was my daughter to be. She sadly passed away before she was even born due to complications during the pregnancy. After many months me and my partner had finally thought we had done it, we had almost everything we wanted in our relationship. This event is to raise awareness about child bereavement, unfortunately It isn't as uncommon as people way thing think. In the UK alone figures show at least 1 in 5 women experience complications in child birth or during the pregnancy. Family is the most important thing in our lives, they support you in day to day life no matter what it is, and they care and love you for who you are. Take this knowledge and think about the ones you love and the ones who love you. How can I show my support? You can show your support to the people around you, the people who care for you and love you for who you are. If you feel as if you want to help more people you can do so by donating to any charity. Charities need your support just as much as families support you. Even small donations can help many, if you feel like donating to a charity please do so, it does not matter which charity it is, they need your support. How long will the event be? We have planned to make the event stretch throughout an afternoon. Why only an afternoon and not a 24hour event? So we can give you the rest of the evening to spend with your families, the people you care about whoever they maybe, wherever they maybe.
  9. Trigzd

    RLE January TruckFest et Convoy

    Road Link Events est une nouvelle communauté d'événements qui espère attirer une grande partie de la communauté à travers le monde. Pour ce faire, nous aimerions que le plus grand nombre possible de VTC rejoigne notre serveur Discord ici: https://discord.gg/C6YJVu5 Nous organiserons notre premier événement public le dimanche 28 janvier à 15h00 GMT et vous pouvez vous inscrire au TruckFest et au Convoy à ce lien ici: https://www.roadlinkevents.net/eventapply.html Le TruckFest sera sans remorque mais le convoi sera avec des remorques! Road Link Events est déjà partenaire de huit VTC, dont un VTC espagnol et un VTC français. Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de plus de partenaires et espérons que vous vous joindrez à nous! http://ets2c.com/view/71233/trigzd-calais-sea-port
  10. Nós da TNT-LØGÍSTICA™, estamos planejando fazer um mega Truck Fest, apenas de empresas Brasileiras, para fazer uma aglomeração dos mesmos, será realizado sorteios de DLC's ( 15x Pinturas ). Divulgação, conversas, entre outros passatempos. Será de muito agradecimento aqueles que também doarem DLC's para ajudar no sorteio para o público aberto. Aqueles que quiserem participar do sorteio, poderão ficar tranquilos, será realizado a partir do Facebook, um regulamento será postado na página, [À aqueles que não sabem como participar de um evento pelo facebook que participarão deverão clicar em " Promoções " , você será direcionado a uma outra página, deverá selecionar " OK ". Irá aparecer a descrição do evento, o regulamento e a opção " Quero participar " clique-a]. Vocês estarão livres para descurtir a página logo após o evento, divulgar todas as empresas, todos os TS's e Rc's de vocês serão divulgados, dos que participarem (óbvio). Aqueles que forem doar as DLC's comparecerão ao nosso teamspeak3, para que fique mais organizado o sorteio. Lembrando que nem todas as empresas foram convidadas oficialmente! Mas todas estão convidadas, sem exceção de nenhuma dasmesmas, os jogadores que não participam de nenhuma empresa, estão convidados da mesma forma! O resultado do sorteio sairá AO VIVO em uma transmissão feita pela TNT-LØGÍSTICA™ no nosso canal! TS3: tntlogistica.ts3host.com.br---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local: Pedreira de Glasgow (GB).Data: 12/09/2015.Horário: 15h & 19h (Horário de Brasilía-DF).Servidor: South America.Sorteio de DLC's: https://www.facebook.com/tntlogisticadoets2?sk=app_154246121296652&app_data=%7B%22id%22%3A487565%7DCanal da TNT-LØGÍSTICA™: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUqno6tD2EwuC-G3OvzVRg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Trucking Australia

    Heavy Haulage Australia Presents: HHA Truckfest

    Heavy Haulage Australia Presents We are pleased to announce that Heavy Haulage Australia are holding a Truckfest on the 9th July 2016 at 9pm AEST. We would like to invite any company that wishes to join to come and join in. There will also be spaces for any non-VTC drivers who wish to attend. We will also be holding little competitions and will hand out certificates to the winners. *PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL VTC SPOT'S ARE FULL AND NO MORE REQUESTS WILL BE TAKEN* When: 9th of July 2016 Starting off at 9:00 PM AEST (10:30AM UTC) *Server: ATS EU #2* Where: Next to Fresno Petrol Station The Slots: We will also be holding a short convoy afterwards to Bakersfield for anyone who would like to join. Requirements & Rules - Everyone must enter from Gallon end so we are not blocking traffic. - NO Trailers - NO Cars - You must wait to be escorted to your booked area. We hope to see you all there and spots are filling fast, so book yours TODAY! Cheers, HHA Managment
  12. LKW Logistics Transportation 1 Year Anniversary Good day truckers! It is LKW´s 1 year anniversary on the 19th of April! We have decided to start organising convoys in ATS and we are going to kick this off with a truckfest on the 17th of April followed by a relatively short convoy to celebrate the anniversary. And no doubt that we will be giving out prizes during the truckfest.The reason we want to celebrate with you,the community,is to thank you for the amazing support over the past one phenomenal year despite us being a relatively small company with small presence especially on the forums. Thank you for the amazing support that you have given. So When exactly and Where? The truckfest will be held at Hornbrook (fuel station,not a NCZ) at 15:00 BST and the convoy at 16:00 BST, both on the 17th of April. It will be on ATS #2 Server. Regarding about ATS We will having regular scheduled ATS convoys on Sundays, on every alternate week. Some of you might be worried that we are going to abandon ETS but to your relieve, we are NOT going abandon the European continent and our convoys there. The convoys will keep happening at the usual time of 15:10 GMT every saturday. Side note: There will also be special convoys planned on 19th March and 9th April. What is LKW Transportation Logistics? LKW Logistics Transportation is one of the most recognised and strongest brands in Central Europe and America, well known for its blue, white, yellow and red paint job on both our Trucks and Trailers. Not just our trucks are in tip-top form, our drivers too are always consistently learning and executing tasks at their utmost performance, integrity and respect. With the perfect match of great skilled drivers and good trucks, we aim to be the best Logistics company out there. As well as running the company, we also run LET which stands for LKW Events Team. And LET has a good reputation when it comes to guiding convoys professionally. The convoy control for the convoy after the truckfest will be done by LET. Current Parking plan In order to book a spot for your VTC go to: http://lkwtr.weebly.com/anniversary-truckfest.html After the Truckfest there will be a short convoy to further celebrate the anniversary and the winners.'' The convoy will start from Hornbrook and end in Eureka. The Prizes will be given out for the following Categories: The Most Attended VTC Best VTC Parking Formation/Enterance The best Non-VTC Paintjob Best VTC Paintjob Overall Best Looking Truck More info can be found at: http://ets2c.com/view/44671/lkw-tr-elliot-coo-let-lkw-1-year-anniversary-hornbrook LKW Transportation Logistics is very proud to be in this community for this length of time and we hope to see you there!
  13. TrademarkGamer

    Indpendent Truckfest | 26th March | 6PM GMT

    Independent Truckfest Oslo Seaport 26th March 6PM GMT Independent is holding a Truckfest on the 26th March at 6PM GMT on EU #3, we hope to see you there. We have many spaces avalible for VTC’s, contact us at independentvtc(@)gmail(dot)com if you are interested (Subject: Truckfest Booking) or PM TrademarkGamer If you are not in a VTC there is a designated parking area. We will be giving awards out to both VTC’s and lone truckers. If you would like to attend please sign up at the ETS2C page http://ets2c.com/view/41833/dj-trademarktm-truckersfm-oslo-sea-port All Photography will be done by MP Truck Photography | Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/mptruckp/ If you would like to discuss any details about the event you can find our Teamspeak at ts.independent.com. Look for Trademark, Vader or Tom Trailers can be used upon arrival but MUST be discarded for the duration of the Truckfest either in the "Trailer Dump" Or through the "F6 + Enter" function Awards VTC’s Most Attended Best Entrance Most Uniform Best Parking Lone Truckers Best Paintjob Best Upgrades Best In Show. Best Branded Truck. (One award for each truck brand) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ People Permitted to Advertise: Apollo Logistics MP Truck Photography Sim Central _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parking map (Click to enlarge)
  14. jacoblovekw

    FCT TRUCKFEST - 13/11/2015

    The First Class Events Team proudly presents to you our very first TRUCKFEST on Friday 13th November @ 20:00GMT (8PM) !! The event will be held at Dover Seaport. Link to map: http://i.imgur.com/TcUzrfs.png The First Class Events Team are holding a Truckfest this coming Friday! We have chosen to put a truckfest on this weekend as we usually have a public convoy but due to Poppy Parade we do not want to interfere with this great event! We will also be promoting the poppy parade the following day. All VTC’s are welcome and advanced bookings are accepted, please contact FCT | ZiroX | EM for more information and to book your slot for your VTC! Sign up on ETS2C now. You can keep up to date with all information regarding this event by checking out our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FirstClassTransportvtc Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FirstClassTransport We will be using FCT’s TeamSpeak for this event, you can find the IP Here. IP: http://www.firstclasstrans.cf **This event was planned by FCT events manager ZiroX** Hope to see you all there