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Found 8 results

  1. So, 3 members from a VTC decide that they are going to play a game of completely blocking you off from making your delivery, and then 1 of them will keep ramming you to wreck your truck & your load. How do you think you would feel about this, and what would you do? Well this happened to me and a couple of my fellow users last night. Since I don't like seeing these kind of users on the simulator games I decided to just sit it out and see how much stupidity, and lack of respect for the game & other users these people had. Apparently it was alot. Question.... how often do you guys & gals see these kind of idiots in the game & what is the worst thing that has happened to you?
  2. I am very happy with the new campaign to transport loads. What I regret is that on Server 1 it provides the necessary trolls because they don't want to go to Paris in a traffic jam. I am sometimes hit by two at the same time. The rules are not followed at all, traffic lights suddenly mean nothing anymore. Such a pity... Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I still have to get used to the layout of the Blog.
  3. Have I lost my mind? Have I gone crazy? No. I am a new user. All I want, is to be able to drive around people who exercise common logic. The other day I overtook a truck without trailer (I did it by the book) but the guy rammed me a bit later for no apparent reason. I ended up repairing my truck, trashing the cargo, and gaining neither experience points nor money... I guess the guy who rammed me thought the server belonged to him... (His name tag was this: ??????) I don't want to commit resources to continuously record video. I'm tired of children and/or trolls who use this service in order to spend their worthless (and waste our precious) time. Please consider turning this into a payed service so that we will be able to keep unwanted people out. Think of it as a nightclub that has a doorman who keeps problem-makers out. I'm talking about a symbolic payment, say, 1 euro every month, through PayPal. I believe that anyone who owns a gaming PC and games, but says they can't pay 1 euro a month, is a liar. A PayPal payment will ensure both anonymity for the user and the ability for the server admins to ban idiots for good... Please, please make it a payed service.
  4. Hey, recently I've been playing a lot on Europe 2. I spotted some rammers and reckless drivers yesterday, I have them on video and I don't know how to report them. I don't know if this is appropriate but, here are the video and the time stamps. Also for future reports, how can I report with a video? Time Stamps: 0:00 to 0:35 -- alexloban (ID:2008000) 0:40 to 0:55 -- Ivan Kukutsapo)) (ID:2279590) Szyymeqq (ID:1661143)
  5. I always see cars passing me with huge speed and then crashing into things (other players). This causes enormous traffic jams and angry players so my suggestion is: Ban all cars from Truckersmp and only admin can drive those things anymore. I'm sick of those guys who think they own the road by driving 200 km/h trough a busy low fps area. STOP THIS!!! renember its a trucking game not a car sim + these cars have no function at all except for police, pilot
  6. gideon808

    Troll Spike??

    Hey all, I am a newly active member to the forum but have been playing for my share of time online over the past 7sih months. I am looking to get an opinion of you all to see what you think about the amount of trolls on ATS and the seeming large spike in the quantity of them. It has driven me to the point of looking into recording all of my sessions and posting them on YouTube!!! Sorry if this has been discussed recently, I couldn't find a thread for it. Happy Truckin' gideon808
  7. WHITE.

    Double standards?

    Hello TruckersMP community, Most of you are aware of the game rules and how bans are being issued (4th ban - a month, 5th ban - 3 months, 6th ban - perm). Some of you agree with this system, some of you disagree, but at least it's clear, equal and fair for everybody, right? Well... I recently recorded and reported a kid insulting other players on CB. The report has been rejected cus this kid is already banned for another offence. I was curious what he's been banned for and here's what I found out on his info page. Since 24th of April he's been banned 5 times, his last ban expires tomorrow and he's clearly a notorious troll but for some reasons admins want him back in game. And it's only one lad I found accidentally but who knows how many privileged trolls there are. No wonder why the EU2 server is such a mess if the policy is quantity over quality and some of players are more equal than others. Now, if you get banned for a month or longer for even a minor offence because 'rules are rules' just remember that this is not always the case.
  8. I<3VODKA


    Hi, I start a new thread to report rammers, trolls and so on, like on the old forum. Please upload your videos on Youtube and share them in this thread with a little explanation, if possible urls to reported users' steam profile.
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