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Found 9 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Flag(s) next to Name Suggestion Description: Well right now people use tags to say where they are from ([sWE], [GER], [uK] etc), why dont you add an option before you join the game where you can choose up to 2 flags to say where you are from (if you want to). This is available on TS3 and it should be available in-game as well. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It'd allow people to have normal names instead of having to change their Steam name to "[COUNTRY] Name". It would also look nice
  2. Question is in the title, how do I stop my account appearing in the "who's online" list?
  3. Suggestion Name: Instantly punish ramming cars Suggestion Description: If a car hits another one or a truck and causes damage to it, it should be either kicked for ramming or banned for 30 minutes. Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: The idiots who troll. Currently, the system is unbelievable. There are almost no mods online at any given time and cars can do whatever they want. This should be not added for trucks, as trolling with them is virtually impossible. Manuevering a car is way easier and they are a lot faster. Please add this. I cannot get from one city to another normally without damage because of these people. Christmas is upcoming and many convoys are coming, this should be #1 priority.
  4. Mod Version: Version Used: xBox 360 ControllerDescription of Issue: When you press G while driving, it says You cannot do that, firstly stop your Truck, instead of car.Screenshots / Videos: None
  5. Lowering the music volume doesnt stop the background music in ETS2, i preferable like to have a quiet BG sound I was late for my delivery because i wrote this fourm
  6. We all end up behind a red light once in awhile. How do you normally react to the red light? Since i have started playing ETS2MP, i was also comfused while driving in the city for few days. You dont know other driver,s reaction and i was sort of careful, but i was also very kind. I still like watching traffic lights and signs, it gives me a chance to follow something, not to drive like a maniac until i become bored or end up agnest another truck or a traffic post. I also see ignoring truckers every time i play ETS2MP. I wonder,what are they thinking about while they are driving, which makes them ignore other truckers and signs. I am also an old WRC drivers. I used to play Rallycross, WRC, street racing games every single day after school. But nothing has made me a speeddeamon of ETS2 roads. I mentiouned it,because some do say, truckers who drive,s negligent are playing racing games and that is why they are driving like it. Only extra theory i have is, that the clumsy driver is drunk or has never been to driving school, and which makes him unknowing about the traffic. When i see a red light,i deffenedly stop, and i usually have my foot near the pedal, just incase a yellow pops up and i have enough time to brake safely. There is real-life rule, when you see a yellow and you cant stop safely, you can continue driving forward. Drivers i usually see drive frue red light,no mather what. When i mentiouned,i watch signs, you should not stop when you have the wright, you have the wright to continue your journey without stopping, unless the trucker is currently finishing his turn or clearly wont stop. These arefew moment when you afto stop. When you ask me, am i angry when a trucker drives in front of me? When he is only finishing his turn, deffenedly not What are your oppinions?
  7. When I go sleep or teleport to service, game stopped and I can't do anything. Please help me with that problem
  8. Any have problems with trucks stopping dead in front when traveling. Is the synchronization problem with server and other player. This problem as happened a lot resulting in severe 80% damage to my truck. I keep a good distance from the other truck but its a pain in the neck Its happens on both Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and American Truck Simulator Multiplayer. Can this be fixed.
  9. afther last update every 5 minutes game is crashing and it shows an windows " microsoft visual C+++ Eroor " can someone help me?
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