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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I know when I was new it took me a while to get find this out so I hope this helps people... ------------------------------------------Key Bindings specific to multiplayer----------------------------------------------- Open Chat = 'Y' Toggle Chat = 'F9' Toggle Name Tags = 'F11' Show Nearby players list = 'Tab' Push-to-Talk = 'V' Changed to 'X' now if you have the most current version *to use the mouse whilst the tab menu is open right click* -----------------------------------------Using the Tab Menu------------------
  2. "ETS2MP - Advanced Settings and Explanations" Settings Opening Your Menu Press TAB when connected to the server. Once you click on the right mouse button, the mouse will be activated. Then click the Settings () button at the bottom. To save the settings after you have made the desired settings, first press Apply then OK to close the settings window and click the right button of the mouse again. Development logging :You can close and open log records from this section. (My Documents / ETS2M
  3. Hello, So everytime I restart my game, My settings reset, Even the player tag, I reinstalled TruckersMP, But it still resets, Should I try to reinstall Euro Truck Simulator 2? Please help.
  4. Доброго часу доби, далекобійники! Тема знаходиться в розробці і з часом буде доповнюватися! У налаштуваннях TAB є багато корисних функцій, які допоможуть вам налаштувати гру під себе. Для запуску вікна налаштувань необхідно натиснути праву кнопку миші, навести курсор на кнопку "Settings" і натиснути ліву кнопку миші: Вкладка Основні (General): Development logging — вкл/викл збір логів. Увімкніть, якщо є ймовірність, що ви будете публікувати баг-репорти або порушення інших гравців; Drivers animation — вкл/викл анімацію водіїв
  5. Заедно с актуализация 0.1.4, разработчиците на мултиплейър добавиха настройките, налични при стартиране на мултиплейър в отворения TAB-e (за да стартирате прозореца с настройки, задръжте RMB, преместете курсора на бутона Settings и натиснете LMB): Общ раздел: Логване на разработка - активиране / деактивиране на регистрирането Включете се, ако има възможност да публикувате отчети за грешки или нарушения на други играчи; Анимация на драйвери - анимацията за включване / изключване на драйвери в кабините, слабо влияе на производителността; Разстояние за изглаж
  6. Hello. I've been playing multiplayer in ETS 2 for some time, but the speed limiter trigger me. I switched off the speed limiter in the settings on the TAB button, I removed the speed limiter in the ETS 2 settings. I still could not drive a car faster than 150 km/h on the highway, so I checked it in ETS 2 settings and still (after removing) I had the speed limiter checked . It turned out that after exiting the ETS 2 settings, the speed limiter option is restored (only this speed limiter, other options do not reboot). How do I turn off automatic selection of this field?
  7. Hi! I´ve been using the CB Radio for a While but i want to change the letter to active it. Is There any possibility for it?, if there is, how?
  8. So, when I go on ETS2 MP, theres some places that lag so I mostly put the graphics down, but sometimes it crashes.
  9. Hello I'm playing Ets since 2 years now and I have one big question that no one ever could answer. I just can not drive faster than 90 Km/h on EU2/3 I know that I have to chance the MP-Settings as well as the Gameplay settings in the term of Speedlimit and i did this a few times, but it just doesn't work. One strange thing is, that i can not change the setting in the Gameplay-settings, but this should not matter, because speedlimit is already deactivated. Can you help me please PS: made a screen of my settins PPS: sorry for the bad e
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