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Found 22 results

  1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

    Killua's Photos :)

    I have loads of trucks and often take photos of them and I often attend convoys and take photos so I will start posting some of those here instead of always posting status updates Might also post some picture edits Whenever I do them Sadly I can only use low to medium settings so quality wont be the best
  2. Screenshots ATS und ETS 2 Dieses Thema ist dafür da um Screenshots von euch mit der restlichen Community teilen zu können. So müsst ihr das nicht mehr in Smalltalk posten. Vorgeschlagen von @[SL] CrankY_is_my_Name Wenn ihr Screenshots von anderen Spielen habt und sie uns zeigen wollt, könnt ihr das gerne hier tun: Wir bitten euch, nicht für jeden Screenshot eine einzelne Antwort zu schreiben. Ihr könnt mehrere Screenshots in eine Antwort packen und sie abschicken. MfG, GGF MD
  3. Olioak

    Olioak's Artwork

    Welcome to my Artwork Showcase I hope you enjoy the pictures I share and I would love for any feedback Here are a few snaps to get me started: Viva's 2 Year Event (22/09/18) - A quiet night drive (23/09/18)
  4. [Solar] D4NNY

    D4NNY'S Photo gallery

    Solar transport pictures Event photos
  5. TimeTimes

    TimeTimes' pictures

    These are a few pictures i took in-game.
  6. Nyxistaken

    In-game photography

    Feel free to post your screenshots here!
  7. cHyz

    cHyz's GALLERY

    Welcome to my gallery!
  8. Single Turbo

    Uploud Screenshots

    Hello! I need help, because i cant uploud screenshots from ETS. The files are to big?
  9. H4ppyPT

    Time to share your truck! :D

    Hello everyone! Do you have that beautiful truck in the best background which everyone should see? Share it here Here's mine!
  10. Mika L.

    Mika's Photo Library

    VIVA Trucking / Fast Cargo partnership screenshots: VIVA Trucking screenshots: Fast Cargo screenshots: Other screenshots: Other game screenshots: All images are taken (and eventually edited) by @Mika L..
  11. I already know how to post screenshots but how do you get one to be your cover photo for your profile? All I see is upload image and I cant do that as the image file is too big, and there is no option as far as I can tell to put a image URL from a image hosting site. Any help will be appreciated!
  12. NotSoFancyFox

    I cant upload ETS2 screenshots

    I want to try to upload ETS 2 screenshots to my status but it keep s saying the file is over sized and I don't know how to fix it. Any help?
  13. CarCat

    Looking for a photographer?

    I am a professional photographer in ATS and ETS2. No need to pay me, I'll take your truck's photo and edit it in-game to look better. Reply here if you want me for your event! NOTE: I play on very low settings, and therefore photos will not be the absolute best quality. I will adjust my settings during photo shoots to make the photos at the optimum quality. EXAMPLES OF MY WORK: You can request certain weather conditions (Winter mod when available, certain weather conditions, etc.) or locations. I am only available at certain times, so make sure I can do it ahead of time.
  14. Fumiko

    Random Pics :D

    Some Screenshots I had from a while back till now Enjoy! **Warning my pc specs aren't the best by farrr lol My Favs: http://imgur.com/D7MKGRs http://imgur.com/Fx6O3wf http://imgur.com/zLmDiIL http://imgur.com/Cl53zoD http://imgur.com/i2Qlofd http://imgur.com/uBzX8M2 Whole Album:
  15. Is it possible to upload our screenshots that we have taken by pressing F12/Printscreen (if using sweetfxor reshade for example) to World of Trucks? I have put a pic into the ets2 screenshots folder and even named it the same as the other i.e ets2_00021.png but the game doesnt see it so not sure if I had done something wrong or what. Cheers.
  16. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

    Car Mod +Paintjob screenshots/photos

    Thanks to the new and very unfair rule we can no longer do any save editing with cars Not even base game truck paintjobs, but anyway this topic is not to give out about or argue about that. Post any photos/screenshots or videos here you have of your car mods or other peoples mods you've seen in mp. Comment on the mods/paintjobs if you like. Its a pity we will no longer see these in mp but I think it will be nice to be able to scroll through this topic and see all the different mods and paintjobs that we will no longer see in mp. These are my 2 - I added base game truck paintjobs Here are some I've seen (that I have screenshots of) I've seen plenty more but don't have screenshots of them and won't be able to find them in all my recorded plays tv footage
  17. Can anyone let me know if the Multiplayer mod has had an update please Would be great thanks!
  18. Was für ne Software benutzt ihr dafür oder gibt es bei Steam eine extra Einstellung dafür ??? Mfg Jkobbe