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Found 4 results

  1. Extract Drivers from Logs (Work with spawning logs ETS2MP) Program features Parse log_spawning files and displays this information: ETS2MP ID In-game nickname In-game Tag Truck in which the driver was Game ID Have a quick search by: In-game nickname In-game Tag (Optionaly) In-game ID (Optionaly) Support for case-sensitive search Ideal for Finding the ETS2MP ID in the preparation of the application for the ban Search for the same ID to make friends with the driver To capture the list of drivers of the company (by tag) For fun Additional info Multi-language support (Open spoiler to more info) The ability to quickly change the regular expression (Open spoiler to more info) Clean the registry from the old version Answer to theme Guidelines & Rules Links and Download Latest release Languages Sources GitHub
  2. There are no log files to be found on my computer. There is no TruckersMP folder in My Documents. The only TruckersMP folder I can find is in ProgramData, but there are no log files hidden in there. Aside from this one folder the only other folder I can find is the TruckersMP Launcher in Program Files. So no log files, no ID names of pricks ruining the game. I have already uninstalled TruckersMP and reinstalled it, it works perfectly fine otherwise, but today I found out I got no log files after wasting half an hour dealing with some (perhaps cheating? can the skoda cars drive straight through trucks flipping them over, unaffected, truck after truck???)prick.
  3. DJ Jefferz

    (SOLVED) Help on TMP ID..

    Hi, I have a clip of somebody ramming and driving the wrong way and then F7'ing to avoid ban. Now I know how to report people but my dilemma is I can't find this persons TMP ID, Due to the speed of the incident I didn't get the in-game ID. Somebody told me you are able to go through the logs and find the TMP ID. Could somebody show me? Or help me identify this user? Muchly appreciated. Dj Jefferz.
  4. tgp1994

    Game crashing post-0.1.3 Update

    I know there are quite a few topics going on about the crashes, I'm hoping to help the developers by posting more logging info. Mod Version: 0.1.3 Controllers Used: Keyboard/Mouse Description of Issue: While playing, the game is likely to crash in 5-10 minutes. How to reproduce: Play multiplayer, drive around. Screenshots / Videos: None, please see attached game & mp logs. ets2_crashes.txt ets2mp_crashes.txt