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Found 9 results

  1. Merhaba. Bugün TruckersMP launcher e girmeye çalıştığımda "Connection Error - Retry ?" hatasını aldım. İnternetten çözümünü araştırdım ama bunlar hiçbir işe yaramadı. Lütfen bu sorunu çözmemde yardımcı olun. Teşekkürler.
  2. hi guys so i tried the mp of this game and my first problem starts off at the log in screen. if i want to sign in i need to put up my email, but the i can't type the "@" symbol in my email adress... does anyone knows how that happens and how to fix it? thanks guys greets Mr_Martenss96
  3. why can not we type his email adress when you want to connect ?
  4. I encountered 1 problem yesterday, and today too, after my TMP client was finish with last update, I did not log in at all - it always pop the message: "Invalid e-mail or password" And these I do not change it never, they are the same from the 1st time whe I start to play with MP mod. I tried even to change / reset my password from the TMP profile with new 1, but there was a problem too - when change ONLY the pass and save it, It's says: ""Fix the errors below and try again / The username field is required." I can't access my user name, I change it before 1 month and now is unreachable... What more can I do from now on... ? PS.. Before new update last night, my acc/profiles, all ETS2/TSM/Steam access and synchronization was OK, working, playing, etc... Really, IDK what happened?
  5. Hey, as I said in the title, everytime I log in, I'm sent to Berlin (the place I started the game). Even tho I was in another city when I loged in. I am playing on the same realm (Europe 2) Any way to fix this error?
  6. xSMNx


    Each time that I log in to play ETS2MP I get teleported back to my home town (Berlin) even though I saved my game at another location after delivering my cargo. All my friends who play this game remain in the same city in which they saved their game for the last time while I always get teleported back. Is there any way to fix this? Is it a bug?
  7. As the title says am i not able to put in a @ in my email, so i cant log in and play.
  8. Hello truckers. Is it just me or the remember password checkbox does not actually remember the password ?
  9. Hello! I started Playing ETS2MP few days ago but I have problem . My Log In menu is Red I can se only my cursor and E-mail and Pass . I know that there is like background and some other setting stuff but I cant open them because I cant see where to thick them. Please If you know how to fix this Red Screen Error please make sure to tell me! Thank you.
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