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Found 4 results

  1. About Us ST VTC was established on 9th February 2013 by StuartD, RyanB and OscarS. From then on it has grown to include over 500 active drivers. ST VTC was originally inspired by the well known Eddie Stobart and the Stobart Group. However in order to put our own spin on the company we became ST VTC. We are a group of trucking enthusiasts who are able to truck whilst making friends, ST is open to people from around the world of all different ages and we encourage diversity in our members. Our History From launch ST VTC grew at a slow rate, averaging around two people joining our team per week, however we have had a substantial growth which allowed us over 20 new recruits each week! These members that join are able to work up through our ranks proving themselves while they keep track of all the loads they truck. Our Systems TruckNet We have a unique VTC CMS known as TruckNet which allows users to completely track every step of their route and log it within our systems, this means friendly competition is never far away. Telemetry We are also working on implementing a live driver tracking system that allows users to simply run a secondary program that will automatically submit jobs upon completion. It'll also show your current position within ETS2 on our website, https://www.stvtc.co.uk/trucklive Stobart Store We have developed a way to make driving more engaging, by allow our users to earn points while they drive. Upon reaching a certain level of points the user would then be able to purchase a specific DLC or Game from our store. More Information can be found here: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/blog_read.php?id=12 Our Staff Team We currently have a small group of specially trained staff who can deal with any of your issues that you have related to both ETS2(MP) and ST VTC itself. We also have a handful of specially chosen driver teachers who can teach you the ropes of how to drive a truck if you are new to the game or enhance your skills as a trucker if you just need a few tips. We are always ready to assist you with anything that you require during your time with ST VTC. Our Media Our Links Discord: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/discord WebURL: https://www.stvtc.co.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STVirtualTrucking/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/StobartTrucking Final Note Thank you for taking the time to read our company thread advertisement, maybe we will see you with an [ST] Tag and driving in our colours in the future.
  2. If you're looking for a great place to log miles be part of a great community of fellow drivers, then look no further, we'll be glad to bring you on. Whether you drive ATS or prefer ETS2, you will be able to log both games. Please take note that we log our normal loads and convoys loads through trucksbook. 12PK-TRUCKIN' currently has over 40 driver on Trucksbook. Web Site* https://12pktruckin.wixsite.com/12pktruckin Trucksbooks* https://trucksbook.eu/company/27815 Discord* https://discordapp.com/invite/2CM9ses If you're interested in joining, fill out an application and come join us. Please make sure your name (Gamer Tag) in Trucksbook, World of Trucks, and Discord match. It's Time To Drive With The Best: 12PK-TRUCKIN'
  3. Presents Hi, guys and gals! Today Atlas Gaming Group presents to you . A Virtual Trucking Company that brings you " A Chance To Try Something New..." Let's start with a bit of history. Atlas Logistics started its life as HMFL back in April 2017 and grew incredibly quickly. Within a short time, Atlas Gaming Group was formed and HMFL changed to Atlas Logistics. Since then we complete Bi-Weekly Convoys and attend as many events as we can. We're growing and want you to be part of the expanding community we have. Not only do we play ETS2 but as Atlas Logistics is part of a gaming group where we play other games such as GTA5, FiveM, Assetto Corsa, Minecraft, ARK: SE, RUST and have more games in the works to expand on. So you're not just joining a VTC, You're joining a family, which we want YOU to be part of. Requirements: You must be active in Discord. You must have either 100+ hours on ETS or ATS combined. We expect you to attend at least one event every month. You are 14 or older. You must not in another VTC. If this sounds decent so far then keep reading! Before you do though here's a Promotional video for Atlas Logistics! What else are you made of? We are partnered with Viva Trucking to develop and enhance your experience even further! Click the image to find out more Made your mind up? Well, there's only one thing left to do! Welcome to Atlas Logistics..... We'll leave you with a few screenshots...
  4. Hello TruckersMP. I am here today to present to you an online radio station that I happen to own, UpBeat. UpBeat is a "universal" online radio station aimed towards the teenage+ audience. We have been open for well over a year; to be exact, the 21st of December will be our 20th month of operation. Ever since we first opened, our main goal has always been to provide non-stop entertainment around the clock for you to sit back and enjoy, or in this case, drive to. So far, we've done quite alright at keeping to such an ambitious objective. We're now reaching audiences of 1,100+ per day! Of-course none of this would have been possible without our current and previous members of UpBeat staff, some truly talented people. Personally, (and I may be a bit biased) I think that the UpBeat community is absolutely amazing, but currently a large proportion of our users are from one place... That's why we're aiming to get the word around a little more and potentially expand even further. You can get involved with UpBeat in a variety of ways! - Tune in to the fantastic radio entertainment we have to offer. - Take a read of our daily news articles. - Join the discussion on the UpBeat Forums. And of-course, if you're interested in joining UpBeat - you can take a look at our open job applications. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around! - Jack & The UpBeat Team UpBeatRadio.net