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Found 16 results

  1. Suggestion Name: More cars and engine options Suggestion Description: It would be pretty cool to have more models of cars to chose as a scout, and also more engines to put into then. Any example images: More cars could be added, like hatchbacks, SUVs, maybe even some pickups. And some new engines are welcome too, like some more diesel engines, some naturally aspired, more turbo engines, maybe even a V6 or a V8. Why should it be added?: The players can express themselves very well with all those models of trucks, paintings and engines to choose from. But I think this should be something possible to do with the scout cars too. I would love to drive another car models with more engines to choose from, and I know I'm not the only one.
  2. I wonder how people overtake so well in this game, every time I try to overtake someone slow after following them for a while due to oncoming traffic my 730hp Scania seems to struggle even with a fairly light load. And then I see people who overtake me build up speed easily, it's not like they are speedhacking, that would be blatantly obvious, but isn't it a matter of engine and transmission?
  3. Guest

    engine noise for mp

    Hello everyone, is there engine noise compatible in the multiplayer ? Thanks you for your answers.
  4. How to change the engine and transmission from your truck English subtitles
  5. I'm just curious, what engine do you use in the truck you drive? I use a 500hp V8 in my 2012 Scania R. Also I wanna try to work out what the most popular engine is in the game.
  6. Hiiii I just want to know what is the best truck + engine + transmission combination existing in game and avaible in multiplayer. I have: -Truck: Scania Streamline Topline -Chasis: 8x4 -Engine: DC16 103 730 Euro 6 v8 -Transmission: Opticruise GRSO 925R Is there a fastest combination? Because I can go max 90 kmph without the speed limit and playing without any WoT trailer. Help me please :C
  7. Good day, I have problem with kicked 10 s not use light and shut donw engine (same DMG) How do I turn on light if my light on and only engine donw? why do I get kicked due to engine not start due to stupid player ramming me? Whot do I doing this situacion? Thank you help PS: please not send info about turn on. I have on light. Fead block due to not write about contact feadback (thank you) link: https://youtu.be/2oabWpbAhdE test link: https://youtu.be/7QPCWkNZmWw
  8. Привет всем. Возник вопрос, где можно скачать мод на более мощные двигатели на грузовики Рено, Даф и т.д. к примеру на 750лс для мультиплеера? Можно ли вообще использовать их? Нашел на форуме: - Сайт с безопасными модами: http://metaltigersa.co.za - Автор модов: MetalTigerSA Данные моды официально разрешены администрацией сервера и разработчиками мультиплеера. Данный сайт не работает. P.S. Нагуглил пару сайтов с этим модом, но не рисковал скачать.
  9. Hello Truckers ! I have a slight problem... here it is: I do have the 750hp mod for all trucks which is compatible in MP, working on the update of the game but, when I launch TruckersMP Launcher then click on "Start ETS2" when loading my profile (which is the one from my VTC) it states: "MODs Disabled, you may check for dependencies, or if the mod is compatible. List below:". I downloaded this mod from a reputable source cough ets2mods and the author wrote "Tested in the last game update, and in multiplayer" the ISSUE is that it DOESN'T plain works, as though it is stated in the Allowed mod list that indeed it should work. Please help me fix that very annoying issue.
  10. Guest

    Gas Station from Garage

    Hi. We all know that in ETS2 if you want to refill you have to stop your engine. I found out today that if I: 1. Go to a gas station and park in the green circle where you have to refill (I tested it with the Rotterdam one) 2. Stop your engine 3. Press F4 (Key for setting the lights, etc). and then ESC 4. Your dash will turn on. 5. Press the key for refill (I have it on the ENTERone). There you go, you will refill with your engine On. I think it is a game problem, not a mp one, but still, it will be a guy with more free time to redirect it to SCS. Follow me on: My crew's site
  11. Hello guys how are you? Here we go this is my question its possible to edit any engine in ets 2 mp to have more than 750 HP ? thanks in advance!
  12. Hello guys. I decided to "cheat" money because I am very nervous of the players which are "trolling" and after every delivery i must go to visit the service to fix my truck. So i was reading the topics which contains a cheat engine but no one helped me to cheat money. Also i watched a videos on youtube but also no one helped me ( all videos are made on single player ). If someone have "cheated money" would you help me with this. I have Cheat Engine 6.5 version.
  13. Mam pytanie czy jest dozwolone uzywanie silnika i skrzyni biegów od skody w ciężarówce (wiadomo ze wtedy osiaga ona 250 km/h, z naczepą troche mniej ale spokojnie ponad 200 idzie i extra przyspieszenie) Pozdrawiam
  14. I read that you can have modifications on ETS 2 MP where it swaps, for example, a volvo engine into an Iveco so the Iveco has a 750 HP Engine. However all the ones I find don't work. I was wondering if anybody could link me to a mod which works. Thank you in advance.
  15. Hello, truckers! I am new here. I gave the MP a try and seems like lots of fun awaits me. My first concerns are, since i'm on EU server, the following. --- Lag. I run the game on Ultra @60FPS , most of the time, except in crowded cities. Should i lower the graphics? --- Fuel Economy; I saw a guy averaging 6.7 liters or so. It was short distance, but my Mercedes Actros MP4 averages 55-60l @110-120 kph/ 2100 rpm, how to improve it? --- Driving Style: I enjoy using cruise control ,does it affect fuel consumption just like in real life? --- Taglifts: My Merc has a midlift. Using it worsens fuel usage? --- Crashes: I heared that there are some people who don;t respect traffic signs, last night i crashed into some guy's trailer at a "+" shaped turn. i had green light, he had red, i rammed his trailer, knocked him into a ditch and flipped him over, while damaging my truck to 100%. Are there alot of these drivers around? --- Bugs: I took a job, a guy was standing right where my trailer spawned, and rolled over to unpickable, had to cancel job. Have you encountered this?
  16. Hi All Since I am back now, I noticed that Vodka added engine conversion to acceptable mods for MP rules Just a little pole on what engine for which Truck you would look forward to? Have your say Laterz
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