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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Link to CCTV in the Information menu on website and forum TruckersMP. Suggestion Description: After a longer absence period, developer TruckersMP: @Kat_pw is again streaming: CCTV (TruckersMP Traffic Cameras [24/7]) I would like the link to CCTV ( https://www.twitch.tv/kat_pw) return to the Information menu on https://truckersmp.com/ & https://forum.truckersmp.com/ Any example images: Before 30 June 2019: 30 June 2019 Removed the CCTV link from the Information menu: source: Website v2.8 release: Currently: & Also, I think it's worth mentioning that developer TruckersMP Kat_pw has developed solution "Automating Camera login for reconnection" so no worries that stream will show empty streets. Why should it be added?: I believe that "TruckersMP Traffic Cameras [24/7]" is an excellent way of promoting TruckersMP on Media (Twitch) 24/7. Additionally, CCTV should will be useful for players who are considering join to TruckersMP. They will thus be able to see traffic/situation on servers TruckersMP.
  2. 유로트럭 시뮬레이터2 멀티 블랙박스 웃긴영상 #2 EU2서버 Duisburg에서는 사고가 그렇게 잘난다면서요...? 문의 : [email protected] 유로트럭 시뮬레이터2 멀티 블랙박스 제보: [email protected]
  3. Hello Guys Just Wanted To Let You Know That Kat_pw's CCTV Is Back Up Here Is His CCTV Link https://www.twitch.tv/kat_pw Enjoy Synd
  4. how come kat.pw dosnt work no more as she not online on twitch and not showing the CCTV cameras no more why is that
  5. Shrewd

    Truckers MP CCTV

    Hello, I am new to Truckers MP and ETS 2 in general, and I have seen under information "CCTV" on the truckers mp website. As I tried to connect to the CCTVs, it says "Error 521 Ray ID: 3066158f62e406d6 • 2016-11-23 16:44:11 UTC Web server is down" Is there another way I can connect to the CCTV stream for Truckers MP, or aren't drivers allowed to go into the CCTV stream? Thanks.
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