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World Of Trucks


Found 6 results

  1. Hello, i can not use world of trucks. My account is succesfully connected to world of trucks. If u choose "external assignments" i get the error "This service is not compatible with the current version of your game. Please check if there is a new patch for the game." If i press ESC, i get on the top left the message "Connection to World of Trucks has been broken" My ETS2 is on the beta version 1.37. I hope someone can help me. I didn´t found a topic about this. If you need more information like screenshots, please tell me. Thanks
  2. Guest

    Speed Limit

    90 km hız sınırını 100 yapmanızı istiyoruz (World Of Trucks).Gerekli imzalar toplansa da, olumlu bir geri bildirim alamadık. İlginiz için teşekkürler.
  3. czesc, gdy chce sie polaczyc konto wot z gra ets to wyskakuje, ze juz jest niby podlaczona do innego konta, a nigdy nie podlaczalem jej do innego konta. Macie jakis pomysl o co chodzi?
  4. I need a video tutorial to register my World of Truck to help my friends. My friends need to register on the site. I do not remember helping them. I need your friends to help guide my friends...
  5. Witam Mam problem ze zleceniami world of truck jak wciskam rozpocznij dostawe to wyskakuje mi "masz niedokończoną dostawe" Nie mam żadnych modów, gra dopiero co zainstalowana na nowym dysku z nowym systemem i gra jest orginalna
  6. Hi, yesterday i tryed to play ets2mp and I got a message that i must update game to 1.25.3s I uptaded, but after that i can't connect in game. Its is writing that my version is not compatible. If I updating it to 1.26 the game is not starting if 1.24 the game is not starting. If 1.25 the game starting but not connecting to world of truck and comming error that I must to check game update. Why it's happening? Thanks.
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