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Found 4 results

  1. UI Pack Name: ModernUI Font(s) Used: OpenSans Regular/Italic/Semi-bold - Comic Sans MS - Arial Bold Made for MP: ModernUI Version 3.0.2 - Out now, with a much better look to TruckersMP's UI and a further improvement from ModernUI v2. This also comes with just ONE installer instead of multiple, with all the options and customisation on one page, this also includes custom backgrounds that downloads online, which can be updated at any time without a new installer needed. And a more consistent look between each colours, ModernUI also comes with an experimental light theme for TruckersMP too! Download ModernUI v3 installer here Preview Installer Options & UI Example: Downloads for ModernUI v2 below
  2. UI Pack Name: Moradito Font Used: Unknown Made For MP Version: Alpha | Launcher Download Link: Private Screenshot(s): Login In Game
  3. UI Pack Name: Dragon Ball UI Font Used: Default Made For MP Version: Alpha Download Link: Dragon Ball UI TruckersMP Screenshot(s): Installation method:
  4. Have a UI pack you made? Wanna share it with the ETS2MP community? Then post it here! Because there are a lot of people who have their own UI pack, I made this topic. The 1st UI pack that appeared on the forums, Aurora's Texture Pack can be found here. List of UI packs and their authors + download links Aurora's Texture Pack - Aurora - download Modern UI Pack - xtremealu - download more about Modern UI pack: MashedPotatonator's Dark UI Theme - MashedPotatonator - download more about MashedPotatonator's Dark UI Theme: The Shiznic Group UI Pack (Ver 0.1) - Csinc005 - download more about The Shiznic Group UI Pack (Ver 0.1): ETS2MP: Leeds Edition - The Leeds Lad - download more about ETS2MP: Leeds Edition: Zombiez UI Pack - El1teZombiezHD - download more about Zombiez UI Pack: Kravaty - Kravaty - download more about Kravaty UI pack: TOP Skyline - Mariio - download private edition more about TOP Skyline: How can I submit my own UI pack ? Packs should be compressed into either .zip, .rar or .7z Just post it in this topic and follow the format: UI Pack name: Creator: Font used: default/specify if other Made for MP version: How do I install those UI packs ? You can use only one at once, but installation is pretty simple. 1) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer\data 2) Replace the "ui" folder with the "ui" folder in the UI pack !! If the UI pack includes a non-default font, replace the "fonts" folder too! 3) Have fun. ~ another doge of the forum signing out. bai
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