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Found 4 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Clean Sheet (Server) Suggestion Description: A new server for veteran players that who has no ban punishments in the past year. Any example images: No need. Why should it be added?: We need safe driving without any blocking, ramming or hacking. It will improve multiplayer. Some trolls keep buying this game to disturb people. This idea will prevent them. We can replace Simulation 2. Best Regards, Next7
  2. Guide permettant de savoir comment dépasser / être dépassé correctement DESYNC Ce que vous voyez sur votre écran n'est pas forcément ce que les autres joueurs voient. Cela pourrait causer des collisions (pas intentionnels) dans de nombreuses situations. Pour contrer cet effet, voici quelques informations que vous devriez suivre. Quand vous doublez - Commencez votre manoeuvre lorsque vous vous trouvez à au moins 60 m du camion devant vous (vous pouvez toujours vérifier les distances à l’aide de la touche <TAB>). - Restez en ligne - Lorsque vous avez vérifié que l'autre joueur se trouve à 100 m derrière vous, vous pouvez commencer à vous rabattre. - Autrement, si vous voyez l'autre conducteur faire un appel de phares ou l'entendre klaxonner deux fois, cela signifie que vous pouvez vous rabattre en toute sécurité de son point de vue, même si vous n'êtes pas à 100m. Dans ce cas, il est agréable de le remercier en utilisant les warning. Quand vous êtes doublé - Restez sur votre voie - Ralentissez pour permettre à l'autre joueur de vous doubler plus rapidement et facilement - Quand il y a assez de distance entre le le camion est vous, faites un appel de phares ou klaxonnez pour lui signaler qu'il peut se rabattre en toute sécurité. Espérons que tout le monde respecte ces règles, Bonne route
  3. This is a very simple howto guide on how to overtake (and be overtaken) properly. The first thing you should be aware of is DESYNC. Basically, what you see on your screen is not always what the other players are seeing. This might cause (unintentional) ramming in many situations. To counter that effect, here's some practical information that you should always follow. When overtaking - Start your overtaking maneuver when you are at least 60m from the truck in front of you (you can always check the distances using the <TAB> key). - Stay in line - When you checked that the other driver is 100m behind you, you can start merging back. - Alternatively, if you see the other driver turn its lights on, or hear him honk 2 short times, it means that you can fold back safely from his point of view, even if you're not 100m ahead. In that case, it's nice to thank him using the left-right-left-right blinker signal. Note that high beams would normally be used IRL, but cannot be seen for now in the MP game. When being overtaken - Stay in line - If you're riding at 90 km/h, it is nice to speed down a little so the other driver has a chance to overtake you. - When there's enough distance between you and the overtaker (60m should be enough), turn your lights on (or honk 2 short times if it's night time and your lights are already turned on) to signal that he can fold back safely. Let's hope everybody follow these rules, and the road will be a lot safer.
  4. Hello guys! I have some tips for you if you want to drive safe and not crash your truck. Allways obey traffic rulles! - Red lights - Give ways - Speed limits - No overtaking zones - Wrong way - Night lights There are some settings in game for safe driving. - Braking intensity = the slider bar must set to the maximum (on the right side) for a safe brake, then you can easy stop in emergency situations. - Trailer stability = the slider bar must set to the maximum (on the right side) for a best truck stability when you take turns. - Air brake simulation = must be disabled. If enabled when you brake too much times you will lost the air presure and you will not be able to move your truck, so that cause blocking the other ways and you will be baned. If you want to brevent this you must disable it. - High graphics = produces lags and low ping in MP, it's recomended to not use high settings. - Automatic retarder = if enabled produces more realistic driving when you drive on hills. TIPS for safe driving in game! - when you exit from a industry enable Hazard Warning Lights for AI traffic to stop for give you way, and always run at werry low speed when exit (I have tested this). - when you take turns always use blinkers to warn others wich direction you want to drive. - if you aproacing for a gren signal it's recommended to start braking from a distance for safety stop your truck if the light signal is changing. - do not overtake other trucks if you can't see the road ahead, in every moment other car or truck can drive on other way. - when you take turns always run bellow 40 km/h. - it's recommended to not run in paralel with other truck in highway, you don't know if others can steering right his way. - when you overtake someone, do not enter in front of his truck when you have passed him, and keep distance behind his truck, because of some lags on MP it's possible to crash onto his truck. - in highway try to use the first lane (Lane 1) as possible, you will need to pay attention only in the left mirror, if you will drive on the midlle lane you will need to keep looking on both side mirrors. - always use blinkers when you intend to change the driving lane or your direction for other to see your intention and let you to make this maneuvre. I hope you enjoy this game! Drive safe, keep money and don't crash your truck and others. If someone have more tips and recomendations please post here...
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