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Found 9 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Ranked Truckers and AI cars Suggestion Description: I think the only way to get rid of troll players is to place drivers at certain rank levels by scoring according to their driving scores. In this way, a server can be opened for people who drive well and on that server there is no speed limit. My other suggestion is a suggestion which I think is absolutely necessary. Artificial intelligence cars ... Multiplayer rooads are very empty. This really disturbs the game play. People get bored after a certain period of driving on empty roads. Any example images: - Why
  2. Heejsa, som overskriften siger, så leder jeg lidt efter voksne spillere, at spille både ATS & ETS2 med. Jeg har alle map DLC'er og det er lidt vigtigt, at en kommende makker også gerne har dette, da det hele er lidt sjovere, når man har masser af map, at boltre sig rundt på. For at være min drivning buddy, så har jeg nogle fair krav du skal kunne acceptere, da jeg desværre har oplevet lidt for mange tosser igennem tiden, som jeg er kommet til, at sige ja til at spille med. Reglerne er således: 1. Du skal være et voksent menneske 18+. 2. Vi skal kunne sna
  3. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  4. Siyah Bayrak Group' Ailemize Tüm ETS2 MP Oynayan Arkadaşlarımızı bekliyoruz. DLC konusu Konuşulur Kendimde bütün DLC'ler mevcuttur. Discord.gg/SYNMUBP NOT->Save Dosyaları yapacak Ve Moderatörlük Yapacak. Bizleri Tanıtacak Ciddi Düşünen Yardımcı olabilecek Dostları arıyoruz Bize ciddi yardımcı olucak dostluğumuzu ebediyet sürdürecek ailemize katkıda bulunacak Arkadaşları bekliyoruz. #SiyahBayrakGroup Teşşekkürlerhttp://discord.gg/SYNMUBP
  5. Guest

    Players didn't load in game

    I know that there are a lot of people who live this problem like me the problem is that sometimes people do not appear in the player panel and do not load on the map and so many people are eating ban I think this problem urgently needs to be resolved or this is why people who eat ban for no avail ban A friend of mine had a ban on unlimited ban and complained about the room and I ate today because of that situation I started to get bored in this case and I have the same problem with me and the people who live the same problem as me and me should not be the fate of those who
  6. I was and still have this problem of freezing players in cities with great movement. After performing several tests I found that it comes from a blocking of the TruckersMP server with my ip (I do not know if it is related to numbering or is something random). The temporary solution I found to the problem is to use proxy to change the ip and get to run normally. The problem that VPN are expensive and TruckersMP taking better science of this problem has to solve it immediately. Many players face this problem and are banned confused by hacker use. And the answer I see from TruckersMP is that it's
  7. Hi guys, Is there any way to privatelly contact other player knowing his TruckersMP ID? I'm not asking about in-game contact.
  8. Topic Title: Players Near to you - TAB ETS2MP ID: 47654 URL: None. Server Time / Date: Anytime, any server. How to reproduce: Just take a look to the players joining in your tab. Screenshots/ Videos: Edited Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/2KKSPOB.jpg Normal Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/5yTVpzn.jpg PS: When this happens, the players have only the trailer, no the truck.
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether mods are allowed as I spotted this beauty parked in Oslo yesterday. I really want to use a custom interior and from this I've deducted that mods are allowed however I need some clarification. Huge thanks!
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