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  1. Really hype for American Truck Simulator! (ATS)

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Aren't we all? xD

  2. Wanna go back on GTS to work!

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    2. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      like a toyota corolla GT-S? :)

    3. konfig0


      German truck simulator? ;p

    4. WarMaz


      Going To Shit?

  3. I didn't found anything that ruin the game. Well does the speedlimiter option in gameplay section works?
  4. UPDATE OF CASE I just saw that when I open Launcher.exe, this is my Online Fuel Updater 1.3 that open up every time. I simply uninstall it and the MP pops on. This is one thing that those developers should check (I use that program to get real Fuel price in my SP)
  5. Hello dear ETS2MP awesome developers. I have "serious" issues with ETS2MP : the game simply don't start. I did downgrade from the latest to 1.16.2 and restalled it twice. this time, no desktop icon was created I also went to the Status sections but they said all the server are done but also that this page is temporary (From the update I think) So... Is that normal that the game simply can't start without errors? More info : When I open ETS2 from Steam, it start normally.
  6. NOOO IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!!(1st time I write something there ) I'll glad to see racers all along the road and admin chasing them and banning them!
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