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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, brand new driver here. I just downloaded ATS around a week ago and only have about 30 hrs (probably only around ~18-20 of actual driving) in the game. I really want to try to play multiplayer, but as I have only ever played on 1.40, I am pretty clueless on how downgrading your game will work on this game in particular, as downgrading game versions on other modded games I have played can REALLY cause some serious, and sometimes even permanent damage. So I was just wondering how, if it all, it will affect my singleplayer progression and mods installed. I will list the few mods I have installed down below, just in case it can provide useful information in to how downgrading will affect my setup in particular. Listed in order of priority: Real Companies, Shops, & Billboards (1.40), Viper2's Peterbilt Modified v2.3 (1.39/beta 1.40), Scania Trucks for ATS, Air Brake Sound Mod (1.40), Cummins N14 Sound/Engine Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and FMod's Cummins N14 Lope Tune Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and Unlimited Money + XP Mod for ATS (inactive currently, but works in 1.40) Sorry for the info dump, but I am pretty excited to play MP, however to me it is not worth corrupting all of my files and mods and having to start all over when I could just be patient and wait for the TruckersMP team to release the 1.40 update. Thank you for any and all help you can give, this seems like an amazing community, and I am excited to be a part of it. :)
  2. Hey fellow adventurer! I see you have stumbled across some lagg on the TruckersMP servers! You might be thinking... "Oh my PC is a potato and its slow again." or "Oh my GPU is burning.". Well my friend maybe its not these reasons but maybe if you peek around you might be entering a convoy! That is right a convoy. A bunch of people organized a group "Drive" or "Convoy" for the simple way of saying it. This guide will guide you on how to make the best convoy out there! This version is 3.0 updated 1/1/2017 (New Year huh? xD). Les Table of Contents 1. What is a convoy? 1.1 Newbies 1.2 Network 2. Examples 2.1 Twitch Streamers 2.2 Rules 3. Preparations 3.1 Basic Route 3.2 Requirements (Truck Skins, DLC's, VTC etc) 3.3 Organizations (Virtual Trucking Company's. Group of people) 3.4 Convoy Leader & Supervisors 3.5 Posting it online! 3.6 Meeting up with the participants 3.7 General tips 4. Software 4.1 Teamspeak 3 4.2 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Client 4.3 American Truck Simulator Multiplayer Client 5. Other Helpful Guide's 6. Changelog 1. What is a convoy? 2. Examples 3. Preparations 4. Software 5. Other Helpful Guide's Changelog 1/1/2017 Happy new year! Version 3.0 released! Totally new name and banner! - 3/21/2016 Version 2 of this guide is released! I had to re write the guide so it fits with the new name! TruckersMP. Added custom banners/seperators - 12/17/2015: Added Changelog, Other helpful guids, software. Added more text to the sections. Added MrsArsenic in Twitch Streamers. Added TS3 Sections. Added Software Section. Added General Tips.
  3. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Pour voir le post original en anglais posté par DeviLee, cliquez-ici. Tout d'abord, bienvenue sur le forum de TruckersMP ! Je comprends que vous vous demandiez ce que vous faites ici, sur ce sujet, et surtout que vous pensiez "Mais que suis-je supposé trouver ici ?" Ne paniquez pas ! Ici vous trouverez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer. Avant de faire quoi que ce soit sur le forum de TruckersMP, vous devez accepter les règles du forum et les règles en jeu et les mods autorisés / Conseils à suivre pour les mods. Une fois que vous avez fait cela, vous devriez aimer le post présentez-vous (version anglaise) dans une section à part du forum, ou plutôt présentez-vous (version française). C'est vraiment un bon moyen de rencontrer des gens et de nous laisser savoir qui vous êtes. Ok, donc vous vous êtes présentés, et maintenant quoi ? Il y a beaucoup de sujets sur le forum, certains peuvent vous intéresser, certains non. Vous pouvez faire une recherche pour quelque chose qui vous intéresse en utilisant la boite de recherche en haut à droite du forum. L' équipe de TruckersMP partagent parfois des informations avec nous, donc n'hésitez pas à regarder cela. Une fois que vous avez fait le tour du forum, lu et répondu aux choses qui vous intéressent, vous pouvez même personnaliser votre profil. Vous pouvez faire cela en allant en haut du forum puis en cliquant sur la flèche dirigée en bas à côté de votre nom d'utilisateur et en cliquant sur "Profile". Si vous aimeriez ajouter une signature, allez simplement en haut du forum, et cliquez sur la flèche dirigée en bas à côté de votre nom de profil, puis cliquez sur "Account Settings". Une fois que vous avez fait cela, regardez sur le côté gauche et vous verrez "Signature". "Qu'est ce qu'une signature sur le forum ?" Une signature sur le forum est ce qui apparaitra sous vos posts, donc si vous avez un VTC et voulez en faire la publicité, vous pouvez le faire ici. Veuillez garder en mémoire qu'il y a des règles sur les signatures. Vous devez lire ces règles (le lien étant à la première étape de ce guide), vous saurez alors quelles sont les règles. Il y a une très grande multitude de sujets qui peuvent vous aider à naviguer sur le jeu TruckersMP, mais si cela ne semble pas être un sujet qui répond à votre question, vous pouvez demander de l'aide dans la section d'aide (voici celle en français: ici). Il y a beaucoup de membres, modérateurs, membres du support, membre du staff, et administrateurs qui pourront vous être utile et qui seront toujours heureux de vous aider. De nouvelles versions de TruckersMP sortent tout le temps, vous pouvez être tenu au courant de chaque mise à jour dans la section Development Announcements du forum. Tout ce que vous choisirez de faire sur ce forum sera complétement votre choix, la chose numéro un dont il faut toujours se rappeller et d'être respectueux et de prendre du plaisir ! Encore une fois, bienvenue !
  4. Hello, we just started playing truckersmp ETS2. How can I start a company with a friend? Do I do it ingame? BR, Albert
  5. Hello New/expierenced Driver! You might have wondered, "What is the best truck to use, if I am low on cash/just starting out?" Well, I think I got the answer! Heres a top 3 with reasons! Nr 1. Scania R Normal Prices and Specs The Scania R Normal is a reasonably priced truck, has a pricetag of 109,110. 110K will get you a Shiny "Normal Cab" with a 4x2 chassis. It has a 360HP/265KW engine making 1.850NM torque. If we compare the 360HP Euro 5 to the biggest engine, Scania Euro 6 V8 Turbo engine, which makes 730HP/537KW and 3.500NM torque. The 360HP Euro 5 is pretty good for its price! Is it really that good? Oh yes, it really is! The Euro 5 engine pulls a 3-10T trailer with no issues, above 10 it does struggle a bit on hills and tight corners. With the low seating hight, its great for seeing cars fly by you, so you can do your best to not hit them . I haven't tested the bed myself, but they say it will get you freshened up for the next job! Fuel milage, not that good since its an Euro 5 engine, but a full tank (1400L) will last you around 3200KM (If you EcoRoll, etc.) and around 1400KM if you like to rev high, and fly across the motorways! (Doing 90 ofcourse, because iam a brave driver after all ) How about upgrading? Those Swedes do ask alot for their upgrades, I recommend first that you upgrade Engines, Gearboxes and then spend on Tuning and Looks! When you do upgrade, DO NOT buy the Euro 6 360/420 engines! Save up for the 500HP V8. It will pull way better (because of the V8 making more torque, 2100NM) and has more power! Nr. 2 Renault Premium Prices and Specs The hideous looking Premium, is one of the best In-game trucks. The French truck gets you a 360HP/280KW Euro 5 engine, Normal Roof Cabin and a Optidrive gearbox (which is great if you manually shift). And it only costs 98.830!!! Its spec-wise worse than the Scania because it has 50NM torque less (on the same engine). You can upgrade to the 460HP/338KW engine, which is a cheap upgrade. And it will give you a V6 with 2200NM torque! It pulls 3-18T loads easily, above 18T it will have a bit of a struggle, but its barely noticable. Is it really that good? Personally, I dont like it. The indicators annoy me, and the interior color-scheme is designed by a 3 year old. (Having random colors on some parts...). The rest of the truck, is OK. The gearbox is incredibely smooth! Its like its made out of suede ! The steering is really sharp and OMGGGG the horn! The horn sounds like a Rubber Ducky being sqeezed! People do notice you, if you horn it. Fuel consumption, is Meh... It comes with a 1000L tank, which is good for around 2000KM if you Eco drive (EcoRoll, AdBlue, etc.) and a small 800KM if you have a heavy load and you need to give it alot of power... How about upgrading? Upgrades are very cheap, and give you alot of stuff for your money! However, Engines only go up to 460HP/338KW and still have 2200NM torque as the cheaper engines of other manufacturers. Its great for highways, since suspension is smooth and has excellent handling on highways with the 4x2 and 6x4-2 liftaxle (when the lift is up ofcourse ) Nr. 3 Mercedes Actros MP4 Prices and specs The cheapest Actros is 103.730. Which is more expensive than the Premium, a bit . Your money will transform into a StreamSpace cab (which you can stand in!), a 421HP/310KW engine, that makes 2100Nm of torque. It gets the most HP out of all starter trucks and is extremely cheap! It can pull a 3-13T load easily, which is weird since it has the most HP?! (Explained later). Is it really that good? Its good, it looks very good, streamlined and chique! The interior is very German, clean and ready to do the job! I have found out, that the glovebox has a lock, so you can store your cookies safely ! Its really comfortable on Highways and bumps. Suspension is really soft and really good in corners! I have had any cornering problems with the truck at all! Fuel wise, its "bonkers"! It hs a 1400L tank which ive done around 3900-4200KM on! (That means EcoDriving, EcoRoll, EcoShift, etc.). If you hit the throttle alot, it does a nice 1000KM! How about upgrading? the max engine is around 600HP, which will certainly get your heavy loads up the hills! Its a bit pricey, the same as the 8x4 chassis, which looks really nice! Gearboxes are a bit tough, automatic mode will slow it down even more... It took me 3 seconds to get into 1st from Neutral sometime testing it. And i already said about it being 3rd, when its the best of all? Thats because this: The V6 engine gives you 2100NM torque at 1100RPM. The problem is that because of the high HP, the "Revs" shoot up to around 1300-1500. Which means it doesnt make alot of torque... That is why it is 3rd, which doesnt mean its bad! I hope this was useful for you! Let me know down below if it has helped you Since Iam planning to review the best Eco trucks and Long haulers! Drive safe!
  6. Guy's I have played ET2 off-line for a long time have a garage and my own truck, works like a dream Yesterday downgraded, ETS2 and installed MP version no problems. Logged in early this morning, completed quick job in Amsterdam and Quit, had a trucker's breakfast, bacon, egg sausage, coffee, logged back on to MP to do some driving When I connected with MP selected the profile and quick jobs nothing. now I cannot see any quick jobs. Questions: How do I restore quick jobs for MP, I found this thread but it is not very clear to me: My questions are in bold Solution 1) Go to My Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 and find config.cfg file and: Change uset g_console to 1 Change uset g_developer to 1 Ok, I have done this. Launch ETS2MP and select your MP profile I did that.. and when you don't have any cargo/job, That is my problem press the ` button which will open the console and type g_force_economy_reset 1 and press ENTER. What button is this, it is the one below @ on UK keyboard? what is the console referred too? does this mean the main dashboard, where all the settings are, radio, world map, etc; if it is it did not work for me by pressing ' screenshot of console would be helpful, for newbies, trying to fix this problem. Then go back to profile screen and select the profile again and a message saying "Game Change detected" should appear which means it worked. Until I can get pass the above I cannot see if this works.. Now once you're in, you want to open the console again and type in g_force_economy_reset 0. After that, just play and your jobs should be reset. If it occurs again, just complete the whole process again. I will keep this for future reference. I am sure there are many players who have experienced this, and maybe some of the more experienced players of MP, would like to post a fix with screenshots for newbie's like me Thanks Guy's, and Gals. Enjoy your Trucking!
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