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Found 7 results

  1. Hello again, starting a conversation once more. Now I'd like to know if you would like TruckersMP to support more map mods, similar to what they do with Promods, such as the South America map mod. It's known that the multiplayer aspect of SCS is quite limited in terms of players, but TruckersMP is quite extensive, and there's always appreciation for ample map support, especially since trying out new things is always a plus. If there were a possibility to add any, which one would you prefer or think would be suitable to add?
  2. Suggestion Description: As per the rules for modded maps to appear on the TMP platform, the Reforma map is a good candidate with the complexity most of us seek to have (national curvy roads). Also the sub maps that go with it, namely "Montana Expansion", "Coast2Coast" and "Middle East Expansion", become ready up to a week prior the release of the big map mod. But it needs to be noted that the map requires ALL map DLCs, as this one is the proper "ProMods" for ATS. Any example images: 1 from my combo map. To your attention are the roads right from my arrow/pointer Why should it be added?: It will bring more people to the ATS servers.
  3. Suggestion: Other maps on the server, today we know that there are several maps for ETS2 created by extremely creative people and who did a great job with these mods, from modelers from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and so on. I think it's a good idea to expand the limits than just having a mod just for the TruckersMP server, I think it would get more interesting and more willing to play the server no matter how heavy or not.
  4. Qual acham que vai ser a próxima DLC de mapa no ETS2? Eu acho que vai ser Portugal e Espanha ou Itália
  5. Which MODS can I put in MP? Any mod with bigger map? And if it not possible, could yopu implement it for the next version?
  6. hi, i have a question. can we add the other country map in ets2mp? if yes. how do it? thanks
  7. Stopanac


    Hello. I am new to the game, and i just wanted to hear how to get other countries and regions, like Scandinavia, the East, more of the west, the south and more. Im playing it on steam.
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