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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. Today I tried the challenge of driving double trailers in Kirkenes road to the quarry. Since I know it is not permitted in Promods Server, I chose to drive in Promods Arcade, since there aren't collisions between players. I have been kicked anyway. The question is: why? There aren't collisions therefore no one blocks each other... Why should I get kicked? I mean, I can try that in single-player, of course, but what's the reason I can't drive in that road also if the collisions are disabled?
  2. Hello truckers! Have you ever driven on Kirkenes Quarry (Road) in Promods server? Is it easy for you to drive on that road? If not, why?
  3. Description: so I know why in the ProMods server why there is that restriction, but it feel out of place in the PM arcade server, since there is no collisions anyways, why should we be restricted still? Should it be there in the first place for that server? Image of what it is right now (will be in a google disc link as a single ets2 screenshot is over 500kB) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaxqlp-_jAhJCMXl4wLjg65eeoILgvs1/view?usp=share_link Why it should be "added" (technically, removing something) : well, as i said, there aren't any collisions to start whit in the arcade servers, so why prohibit something if the only that could be hurted is yourself
  4. Suggestion Name: Extend Non-Collision Zone on Kirkernes Quarry. Suggestion Description: Extend the Non-Collision Zone on Kirkernes Quarry through the DAM. Any example images: Clip from Krewlex admin stream, which explains perfectly why the non-colision zone needs to be extended across the Dam Why should it be added?: In order to prevent traffic jams and chock-a-block's on the DAM, just before the Kirkernes Quarry on the new famous "C-D" Road. On the DAM, there's a post with pysics that makes one place of the road to imposible to pass it on both ways. Also, futher on the Dam, going to the quarry, there is a complicated turn where, if someone gets stuck and drivers behind don't know about the "post", The Road could be blocked compleatly and, I know most people wants to go there for the amounts of drivers, this road should not be "blockable" as easy as it is now. im NOT saying to make ALL the route Non Collision, only the last part of it, to prevent chock-a-block's and avoid needing admins there to control the traffic.
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