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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: TruckersMP Missions Suggestion Description: It would be nice that another roads (apart from Calais - Duisburg) were crowded, because there are people who want to drive in another roads, but they get discouraged because the road are empty and this is bored. So i think a way to animate people to drive in another roads, could be with daily or weekly missions, like carrying some cargo through an specific road, like Hamburg - Magdeburg, or more specific like bring cargo to a city like Luxembourg, or even more specific like bring cargo to a company like Kaarfor in Munich. In the case of ETS2 could be 3 missions: Mission 1.- In a city of the base game, like London, Paris, Berlin, etc. Mission 2.- In a city outside the base game, like Saint Petersburg, Bordeaux, Istanbul, etc. Mission 3.- In a ProMods' city So that those who only have the base game, can complete at least the mission 1. And in case of ATS, 2 Missions: 1.- In a city of the base game 2.- In a city outside the base game (DLC and ProMods Canada) And maybe people can have "Experience Levels" and a little reward so that their profiles have a better aspect (This last could be optional) Why should it be added?: Because it would be nice that another roads were crowded, and Calais - Duisburg may decrease their traffic
  2. Niuro


    Hello, after a somewhat misunderstood conversation over Discord a couple of days ago, you gave me a great idea: Suggestion Name: Unaffiliated with World of Trucks weekly / monthly events/convoys and in time zones with rewards. Suggestion Description: Because of the way the MP mod works almost all of the great content of Steam workshop is locked. But what IF we could have some (not all) custom paint jobs, accessories, etc. as in the begger events arround the year? How does it work?: 1st of I would like to explain why not WoT - it does not support ProMods. We are well aware that most players are either cheap (unwilling to get the extentions upon promo days and yes the game is not that expensive), just got too many bans for bad driving skills or just lack the time and motivation for something more than a 1 hour drive . As SJMAXiK suggested he could close C-D line if need be. Where am I going wit this? - It's rather simple and will envolve everyone. An event may be ran in 3,5 steps: a./ vote for a reward type; b./ set the goal and rules of the event (the fun part); b1./ use only one radio station or Discord; c. / execute the deed. One thing is missing at this point - what is the role of time zones in all this? As we know, not only Europeans play here. Much of the Asian community is still in Europe because they play mostly on the ProMods server, as mentioned in the conversation. Therefore, UK time is not the best solution for events. At least 2-3 groups / time zones should be given a chance. Why? Let's look at it this way -> East Asia plays online in EU morning to late afternoon. This means that they do not have access to UK events (later hours). The situation with Eastern Europe is similar, but mostly time specific. The time difference dramatically reduces the involved. In this order of thought, the three groups are a wiser choice. Of course, this means that there will also be 3 separate event locals, but there is no lack of servers. "Companies" focused on escorting convoys will be pleasantly busy. Any example images: There is no other such game and it's not possible to provide such assets yet. Why should it be added?: Well... there is a reason for that - only fractions of both maps are used per server and just 2 places to be C-D or Kirkines. It needs to change and this is the way (IMO). I stil don't know why C-D is prefered though, but I know why the other one is adored - dirt track; tight road; steep ups and downs; fun element; hard to master. Where elsewhere can we have this FUN? - answer - Everywhere, but not alone. The reward at the end of such a jorney would be really good, not just the satisfaction of been in one piece. P.S.: I don't mind doing the paper work. I do something similar in my life job place.
  3. Description: so I know why in the ProMods server why there is that restriction, but it feel out of place in the PM arcade server, since there is no collisions anyways, why should we be restricted still? Should it be there in the first place for that server? Image of what it is right now (will be in a google disc link as a single ets2 screenshot is over 500kB) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaxqlp-_jAhJCMXl4wLjg65eeoILgvs1/view?usp=share_link Why it should be "added" (technically, removing something) : well, as i said, there aren't any collisions to start whit in the arcade servers, so why prohibit something if the only that could be hurted is yourself
  4. it would be cool if we added a function to write How long will I drive if I take a contract like that. otherwise, if I have to drive for a long time, I look at the map and look. since he does not write how many kilometers I will drive, first I have to look at the map I would like it to write how many kilometers exactly when creating in this window https://imgur.com/a/KSmZhPg
  5. Suggestion Name: Make an In-game purchase to remove 110km/h speed limit Suggestion Description:Let the players who really would like to drive faster than 110km/h without the intention of causing trouble spend some money on truckersmp to remove the speed limiter Any example images: no Why should it be added: Now i know what you would say, it is a simulation game, trucks are slow in real life etc etc, but please listen to what i want to say. In real life people drive slow because there's heavy traffic everywhere and road and traffic conditions are complex, you always need to stay alerted for traffic around you and some pedestrians jumping on the road. But on Simulation 1 server, most areas are pretty empty, and i get really annoyed driving 110km/h on an empty 6-lane highway in Germany. Though many players would love to drive slow in the game, there's also a great number of players who want to drive slightly faster than 110km/h. In real life i drive 130km/h on highways without punishment. Now i know you guys won't easily lift the speed limit because you don't want rammers causing trouble in the server, but you can make a function to let players pay some money to get their speed limit removed or increased. Of course , you can also make stricter rules for those players, if they do break rules going above 110km/h then give them harsher punishment. Since they spend some money on their account i'm sure they would value their accounts more and obey the rules more. And for truckersmp, there's money to be made and extra cash in your pockets. Honestly I sincerely appreciate you guys for making such a great mod without the intention of making profits, i would like to support you , and i definitely won't cause any trouble in the game, but i just want this speed limiter removed, or increased to 150km/h like the old days. So please, think about it. And sorry for my poor english.
  6. Suggestion Name: New Vehicles Suggestion Description: I have a few suggestions to aid the future enjoyment and management of the roads. Firstly, an additional Pilot Van(as seen in the Special Transport DLC), An additional line of support in the form of Vehicle recovery/Highway operations teams(see images below) - This line of support would have a simple job of patrolling the roads and dealing with crashed trucks or stuck vehicles. Even if there is limited options with this, it might ease the work load and help keep the roads clear Any example images: attached are 2 images of the vehicles i am referring too in my 2nd point. Why should it be added?:As above, the addition of a Pilot van would be something different to the pilot car and for the highways operations/recovery team suggestion, it could reduce the work of the staff by simply having a visible presence on the roads and if the option was available, to reset trucks to the side of the road or put them back on their wheels. therefore removing blockages and keeping traffic flowing.
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