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Found 3 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Make an In-game purchase to remove 110km/h speed limit Suggestion Description:Let the players who really would like to drive faster than 110km/h without the intention of causing trouble spend some money on truckersmp to remove the speed limiter Any example images: no Why should it be added: Now i know what you would say, it is a simulation game, trucks are slow in real life etc etc, but please listen to what i want to say. In real life people drive slow because there's heavy traffic everywhere and road and traffic conditions are complex, you always ne
  2. Suggestion Name: New Vehicles Suggestion Description: I have a few suggestions to aid the future enjoyment and management of the roads. Firstly, an additional Pilot Van(as seen in the Special Transport DLC), An additional line of support in the form of Vehicle recovery/Highway operations teams(see images below) - This line of support would have a simple job of patrolling the roads and dealing with crashed trucks or stuck vehicles. Even if there is limited options with this, it might ease the work load and help keep the roads clear Any example images: attached are 2 ima
  3. Hello, after a somewhat misunderstood conversation over Discord a couple of days ago, you gave me a great idea: Suggestion Name: Unaffiliated with World of Trucks weekly / monthly events/convoys and in time zones with rewards. Suggestion Description: Because of the way the MP mod works almost all of the great content of Steam workshop is locked. But what IF we could have some (not all) custom paint jobs, accessories, etc. as in the begger events arround the year? How does it work?: 1st of I would like to explain why not WoT - it does not support ProMods.
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