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Found 8 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Display Camera Icon when in Picture Mode Suggestion Description: To Display a Camera Icon above your Player name when you're busy taking a few snapshots with your camera. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Like the recent add on update with the NCZ Icon showing when in a NCZ area it would be a top notch idea to have a Camera appear when a user is busy taking some important selfies of their awesome trucks and surroundings and other people are trying to talk with them and getting ignored not knowing they are taking photos. Would also be handy for convoys to know if somebody is taking some photos aswell ? Also might give surrounding players to be aware someone is taking pictures and not drive in their shot ?
  2. Suggestion Name: Ghost Mode Icon Indicator Suggestion Description: Add a Ghost ? icon beside a player name when the user is in Ghost mode (But doesn't need to show if in a NCA/NCZ) Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Whenever a user logs in on TMP they might be in the middle of the road (Especially on the CD road) and it can take a bit of time to load in and start moving. With the Ghost mode indicator by the name, players who are approaching can know if its safe to pass/go through without the need to stop or even in most cases emergency stop to avoid collision but causing others to collide instead ? Plus it'll be a good indicator to show who is abusing Ghost Mode and using it to overtake multiple users because they're impatient.
  3. Suggestion Name: At least one sim server without system speed limits Suggestion Description: Adding one Simulation server without system speed limits, or canceling limtis at least from one of them Any example images: none Why should it be added?: It could be very interesting experiment. It shouldn't greenlight some racing stuff and reckless driving (driving rules should be the same and reports should be solved for the same kind of inappropriate driving). It should be more about accepting more responsibility by players themselves, to think more about their driving, to be able accomodate their speed and drivestyle to actual conditions (including traffic) and its own skills. Driving fast doesn't mean reckless driving automaticly; and aggressive, excessive or reckless driving could be made also at low speed - so IMHO there's no need for server system speed limits. And if some players don't want to be at sim server without speed limits, they have option to join the other sim server with the limits.
  4. Dear TruckersMp, The following is a suggestion that I would like to make!! Suggestion Name: Las Vegas Rest Area Suggestion Description: The large rest area in Las Vegas should be made a non collision zone due to the fact that it is always packed and there is always trolls ramming into other drivers!! Example images: N/A Why it should be added: I feel that this should be added because it can help prevent drama and it will also be less headache for the TMP moderators!! Kind Regards, Jesse Sanchez
  5. Suggestion Name: In-Game Chat upgrade/fix Suggestion Description: The in-game chat is sorta buggy and have pretty much been the same since the beginning. Why should it be added?: There is this very critical bug with the in-game chat where if you end your message with certain keys, like W, S, A, D, or T, and quickly after press Enter to send the message, the game will still initiate that key as if you pressed them and keep the key "pressed" until it's pressed again. So if you were typing while driving and ended your message on A, your truck would make a hard left crashing into the left wall or onto the opposite lane of traffic. Even when you're parked and you end your message on W or S, your truck may constantly accalerate or reverse until you press the button again. Same goes for Arrow Key Up and Down, which I personally use a lot to enter previous messages into the input field. Not only does this cause players to crash, but it may also be the cause of somebody's ban. It'd be great if these issues were solved, but even better if the chat was reworked and be like most chat windows in games. Like a window in the bottom left corner instead of taking up half your screen.
  6. There should be a option to opening chats just for system messages and staffs.(example:/pinfo,kick-ban messages etc.) Suggestion Name: Chat System messages Suggestion Description:There should be a option to opening chats just for system messages and staffs.(example:/pinfo,kick-ban messages etc.) Any example images: no Why should it be added?:Because chat is so distractor.
  7. Guest

    how the report system works

    at lot of people want a change to how the report system works & how players are reported in game what I think is needed is to let players just start a 1-2min video recording with out having to use the tab key to open the players near you box to report someone just let a player use a key to start a 1-2min recording that is then added to the report system with a id number of the person who added the video all the admin dose is look at the video just as they do now & the person who started the video dose not have to use the tab key to open the players near you to report someone unless they chose to do so
  8. think the EURO1 server and Euro2 server are both a server for data exchange, so why not merge the two servers into one server, don't you think?
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