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Found 14 results

  1. How do me and my friends get the same jobs so we can play together in a convoy?
  2. Suggestion Name: Friends colored in the Player ListSuggestion Description: In a crowded area it's really hard to find your friend's information or how far away he is from you in the Player List. It would be very helpful for the name of your friend to be in a different color (for ex.: green) than the other names and it would be very helpful if your friend was also on top of everyone or there would be a button named "Friends Nearby" or something else, on the Player List to show your friends only and not 60 people. (Also wouldn't be bad if your own name was in a different color but its already in
  3. Suggestion Name: Add friends to comapany Suggestion Description:Me and my friend love to play multiplayer but when we play other games we like to be able to hep each other out or be in the same team or clan, so I am suggesting that if you can add in the ability to add friends to your company and they can make you money and they may a certain percentage of the profit depending on how the company owner sets your pay percentage. Any example images: no Why should it be added?I feel like there is a lot of friends that play the game that want to play in the same company.
  4. HOST AND JOIN friends server -A way to host or join a friend or many friends server thru truckers mp to play along with just us and the ia. -It'll expand the avaible options for truckers mp + -will get many many more users who just wanna play with friends and the ia making it more thriling and without those users having to deal with trolls and many other hassles typical of public server such as they're now.
  5. Suggestion Name: Sim 2 speed limit increase Suggestion Description:This topic contains a proposal to increase the speed limit to 150km/h on Simulation 2 ETS2. If this was enacted the server speed limit on EST2 simulation 2 server would be increased to 150km/h. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think we all love to go fast, and by being responsible and keeping an eye on the GPS/satnav you can slow to avoid causing accidents. Let's be responsible and consider increasing the speed limit on sim 2! For people who want the more authentic low speed they can sti
  6. HI, i have not understood the system but i can't Playing with friends xD please i can have more information about this thx
  7. Heysa som overskriften siger så søger jeg voksne 18+ spillere der har lyst til at køre sammen jeg spiller primært ATS men en gang imellem spiller jeg da også ETS2 jeg har lidt regler/krav til dem jeg vil kører med da jeg desværre har oplevet folk der ikke har kunnet finde ud af at opføre sig ordenligt hvilket der jo desværre er alt for mange der ikke kan men her er de krav jeg har og de burde være ret fair og så har jeg også valgt at skrive nedeunder hvordan jeg selv kører så i kan danne jer et indtryk af det Krav til dig: 1. Du kører pænt! 2. Du blinker altid af nå
  8. I am trying to convince my friends to buy ETS2 so we can play mp together but they wouldn't have any map dlcs or anything. Is there a way that I can still play with them or do they need all the same DLCs I have.
  9. I saw multiple groups driving at the same time , and they all had same cargo. How can i and my friend get same cargos , so we dont have to search for cargo to same destination for like 1 hour. Do i have to make an organization , if yes , let me know how. Thanks
  10. Hey, yesterday I had a problem. I wanted to make a Job with my friends. But I wasn´t able to... That´s my question: How can my friends and I do the same Job and drive together?
  11. Hey guys! Im new here Is it possible to invite a friend of mine to my company so we can play together as a team or something? If so, how do I do that? Thanks a lot!
  12. So my buddy wants to play EUS2 Multiplayer with me, but he has no DLC and I have the Going East! DLC, can we still play together?
  13. How I can invite my friend(s) . Please help me what can I do .
  14. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to join/create a company so my friends and i can play together. If so, how? Thanks
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