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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Report Date and Time Suggestion Description: Allow players to change the timezone and allow the reporter to change the report time to a future date within a 23 hour period. Why should this be added? This should be added because there are different time-zones and some person don't know how to convert. Also you should also the players to change the report time to 23 hours in advance because of time-zones, If I want to report a person and the incident occurred at 7:02 EST, which is 00:02 UTC the next day I would have to change my computers time zone to UTC since I don't have access to write a report for the next day yet in my current time zone.
  2. Hi guys I wanted to inform some of you today of a feature many of us use on this forum but don't realise the effect it has on your data and you protecting it. When you sign up to the forums and go to edit your profile at the very top you are given the option to fill in your Date of Birth. as seen below: When you fill in your date of birth this is for the forum feature which you can see on the front of the forum. As seen below. This is obviously a nice feature for users of TMP to congratulate each other a happy birthday which is very much harmless and fun. However, On every profile there is a section which tells users the Team Rank, What their are doing, the forum rank and then their Date of birth. This is the bit I am telling you about today, when you fill in your date of birth it is publicly seen by anyone who can view your forum profile, so this includes guests who can't make accounts. I'm kinda making everyone aware that when you fill in your date of birth you're innocently telling people a personal piece of data about YOU. TMP is not breaching any GDPR laws as you fill this data in yourself so below I will offer some solutions to fix this should you be concerned about this. 1) Only show a partial date of birth: You are able to edit this date of birth by removing the year. On the year tab scroll to the top and click "NOT TELLING". This will hide your year of birth but keep the Day and Month which means you still will be showing on the front page but you are not showing your full date of birth. 2) Completely remove your date of birth: Go back to your profile settings and click the blank boxes for the Day and Month and also select "NOT TELLING" for the year. This completely removes your date of birth. This also means people will not see your name on the front page when it's your birthday. The main thing I wanted to find out is if you guys knew about this or not and if you would find it helpful to be made aware of things like this when filling in data. I have added a poll to this to find out so if you could answer the 3 quick questions I'd be grateful. Thanks very much guys and see you on the road and I hope I've helped you!
  3. Invitation cordiale à toutes et tous Le convoi de l'extrême aura lieu : Le dimanche 24 Septembre 2017 à 14H30 (pour le faire de jour sur le serveur) Venir 15 min avant le départ sur Discord Serveur ETS2 : EU#1 Communication sur le DISCORD officiel TruckersMP section French Remorque : Minimum 40-45 Tonnes (en fait le maximum possible) Respect du code de la route et des autres joueurs. Itininéraire : Départ : Strasbourg (Garage) Arrivée : Milano via Mannheim & Innsbruck (1060 Kms) Une pause est prévue à la frontière Suisse Ci-après la photo de l'itinéraire pour régler vos GPS Pour ceux qui le peuvent et le souhaitent : Utiliser une boite à vitesse manuelle, diminuer la stabilité de la remorque au 1/3 ainsi qu'ajuster la puissance de freinage pour coller à la réalité et rendre la conduite "Hard" et réelle. Et si.. si... il y a des "Fous"... pousser le vice jusqu'à mettre un moteur de maxi 600 CV. Chiche ?
  4. Hello every body, I have a problem with the ETS2 MP, because when I start a job , a message come to the GPS " the boss want his thinks, give him in time " but when I check my time do to my job, I have 0h.... and at the end of the missions, I have a penality of 200h late ... it's strange ? could you help me ? Other thing, I haven't walk mens in streets, y any cars ?! normal ?
  5. Hi all, About 6 days ago, i was banned for 2 days(that was what it said on the chat) for going on the wrong way. Then i waited for my ban to expire but it now says expires in 04.07.2016 10:14:00 and my ban hasn't expired yet. Any solutions? Euro Truck Simulator 2
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