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Found 9 results

  1. Wie benutze ich das neue Ban Appeal System 1) Gehe auf die Seite http://truckersmp.com/ und logge dich oben rechts ein: 2) Unter den Menü Punkt "Mein Account" findest du den Button "Appeal Ban" - Darauf klickst du: 3) Auf dieser Seite siehst du deinen aktuellen Bann. Auf der rechten Seite siehst du ein anklickbaren Text mit "Appeal this Ban" - Darauf klickst du: 4) Unten in der Box gibst du den Grund ein, warum du entbannt werden solltest. Erkläre, was passiert ist und wie es passiert ist. - Klicke an
  2. Hoe maak je een ban appeal? Hallo allemaal! In deze topic ga ik jullie uitleggen hoe je een ban appeal maakt en verstuurd. Volg het stappenplan om een ban appeal te maken. Let op: Als je misbruik maakt van ons systeem, kan toegang ontnomen worden! 1. Ga naar TruckersMP.com en selecteer rechts-boven 'Login' 2. Gebruik dezelfde informatie als je TruckersMP account om in te loggen 3. Selecteer 'My account', en selecteer daarna 'Appeal ban' 4. Op deze pagina vind je jo
  3. My Report Moderator was promoted to a Game Moderator right after he banned me. I got banned on the 6th of july and two days later he got promoted. Now he doesn't answer my ban appeal because it isn't in his remit anymore to decide about banned people. Basically I am lost now because there is nobody responsible for me anymore. What should I do now?
  4. Hello dear TruckersMP Community, I got an undeserved ban and the ban appeal I've created got closed because the Game Moderator did not handle it right. So I've created a feedback https://truckersmp.com/feedback/view/22338 But it got ignored by weeks, that's frustrating as I would like to participate into the truck race and apply to the Support. Also I can't create a new one. I hope this post will be handled by the Game Moderators correctly. Best regards, LegalThings
  5. Guest

    ETS2MP - Ban

    Hi, I recently got banned for two days on ETS2 for an incident that was 75% my fault. But However, because I had previous bans from over 8 months ago this two day ban has been extended to 32 days. Is there anything I can do about this? Also, do your previous bans get wiped after a year for example or do they stay on your record permanently? Because If I were to be banned again wouldn't It probably be permanent? Thanks, WoodenCrumpet
  6. Hi, I have a ban appeal which i think is total bull. When will it get reviewed? Thanks.
  7. Ban appeal - Prime 1. Your In-game name when banned: [Серая Котейка] 2. Why you should be unbanned?: I pursued for in pered by the going car its nickname approximately of danil or and so it me cut daniil 4 times, I wrote on it a report 4 raza.4 time I wrote on it a report and you didn't manage to look at this freak. If the person writes a report not ozhnokratno means it has on that very important reason but alas, you ignored it or the Administrator simply was absent. I cut the author of video incidentally, tried to taxi but didn't taxi and he crashed into me I felt and apologized "Avariykoi an
  8. Nie wiem dokładnie za co dostałem Bana więc prosze o rozpatrzenie tego tematu.
  9. Smith97

    Ban Appeal

    Hello All. So i downloaded the update yesterday and went into Rotterdam.. As i was departing Rotterdam i got held up in a rather large traffic jam. Once it was nearly clear two guys were pulling over to the side of the road so i indicated and pulled into the other lane to get past. i got back into my lane without stopping at traffic ect but then was instantly banned for 'overstating in europort' Now i was not aware of this new rule and am now. I was banned yesterday about 9:30 AM NZT. The ban time is 7 days i was wondering if i could get it timed to a few less days? I'm keen to get back in
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