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Found 7 results

  1. For example: Like these Devil BDF Tandem mod from FLVinge Suggestion Name: Tandem/Drawbar - Trailers for ETS2 Suggestion Description: Tandem & Drawbar Trailer for everybody or... maybe only for Veterans/Patrons Any example images: Why should it be added?: We allready have Alternate Vehicles and also a Bus in TMP. So I think Trucks with Regid Tandem Chassis with a Tandem/Drawbar Trailers would fit perfectly to TMP. Edit: I found a post which was allready rejected It would make no sense for me if you reject this Suggestion again. Because you implemented allready Season Weathers (Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter), the Scout SuperB, Alternate Vehicles & DBus. So, at this time i hope you accept this Suggestion. Yours SourCrowd
  2. Hey I Shadel As you know, we have high ping and latency problems on the servers, when we don't turn on the lights, we get kicked from the server, when I'm afk, we get kicked from the server after 10 minutes. and to reconnect to the server we close the game and run TruckersMP again and a loading screen, then server selection and then profile selection screens is very time consuming. There is also a wait while connecting to the server. My suggestions are as follows; After being kicked from the server, using the /connect command to queue up to connect again. Accessing the server again by making a simple connect button in the game menu. Or when we are kicked from the server, the tab key function will continue. Of course the list will be empty, on an empty tab keypad an extra button could be placed where the tabs are at the bottom, it could be a reconnect button. As you know, small details create a big structure. Truckersmp is a community that does well to add these details. If these suggestions become valuable and we can see them in the game, many players will really like this feature. Kind Regards Shadel TruckersMP Veteran Driver I
  3. Suggestion name: Make slippery roads in the wintermod Suggestion description: It would be nice to see slippery roads in the (next) wintermod. For example: when you brake, it takes longer to stop and when you accelerate your wheels will start to spin. In the previous wintermods the breaking distance was the same as without the mod (not that realistic ). Any example images/video’s: Nope (not yet) Why should it be added?: Slippery roads would be more realistic instead of normal roads (so 'non-slippery' roads). I also think more people would download the mod if this will be added.
  4. Suggestion Name: RJL Scania to TMP add-on Suggestion Description: Allows use of RJL Scania mod in TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: RJL's scania mod is a far superior model to the stock SCS version and gives the user many options to choose from, having it in game would make driving the 6x2 and 6x4 versions more enjoyable as the longer chassis is more stable than the stock SCS model, furthermore the scope of customisation without the mighty griffin kit means that players without the MG kit can still have a good Scania without the need to save edit parts onto it, and as it is a popular mod, you would just need it to be in the mod folder for it to be supported, just like promods. Or you can load it server side like you did with the scout. By having this as an add-on you may actually reduce the number of people being banned for save edit violations as you won't need to carry out save editing to create a good looking vehicle.
  5. Suggestion Name: Vans TMP Suggestion Description: Add the present vans to the TMP event for the players. Any example images: Why should it be added?:Cale would add content to TruckersMP, without much work for developers because it is already implemented for some TMP event server.
  6. Hello dear TruckersMP Add-On Team I would like to suggest that we can use Special Transport trailers In-Game. It is not allowed atm but I found a mod that removes the escort vehicles. If you could add the mod, we can use the trailers. Greetings, [WTLVTC] Klaibasler
  7. Hello! I know many of you will buy the new DLC from SCS. The Scandinavia DLC, but do you even know the release date? I have found one that may be correct in form of what SCS have said themself's. I got the link to where you can pre-order the DLC and American Truck Simulator. It says 4th of February. Well.. does that mean the DLC or the ATS? Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Euro-Truck-Simulator-Scandinavia-Add/dp/B00M6SFN9W Greetings!
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