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Found 5 results

  1. TAB MENÜSÜ’NÜ AÇINCA AŞIRI FPS DÜŞÜŞÜ’NE ÇÖZÜM Merhabalar, Bu rehberde bazı dizüstü bilgisayarlarda olan ''TAB Menüsü açıldığında aşırı FPS düşmesi'' probleminin çözümünü anlatacağım. Her şeyden önce, TruckersMP ProgramData dosyalarını siliniz. Sildikten sonra Launcher tekrardan otomatik yükleyecektir. (TruckersMP Launcher’ı açtıktan sonra f1 basarak ya da Windows+R/ %ProgramData% / TruckersMP dosyasını silerek yapabilirsiniz.) Bu işlemi uyguladıktan sonra oyuna girip TAB Menüsünü açınca FPS sorunu olup olmadığını deneyiniz. Sorun çözülmediği takdirde aşağıdaki adımları uy
  2. TAB menu: If you're wondering how to click those buttons on the TAB menu, the answer is quite simple. Clicking the right mouse button brings up a mouse cursor which you can then use to click on the settings, steam profile, etc. It's also quite useful for those who don't use a steering wheel or game pad as it allows you to easily report users while still being able to control you're truck. Console: When using the console, there's a few commands you can use to make the game a bit easier. The one I'm gonna be focusing on is the ability to disable tickets and fines. This is useful beca
  3. Suggestion Name: add the ability to drive with the keyboard while reporting someone in-game Suggestion Description: be able to drive with WASD while having the in-game report menu opened Any example images: No Why should it be added?: To make it easier for keyboard drivers to report people in-game
  4. Hey! So I have two questions I want to ask. The first one is how to change the colour on the tab menu. I've seen some other people have a different colour than the standard yellow one and I've always been wondering. And then my second question links to that, because I'm then wondering if the colour change has something to do with the "Input" tab in the tab settings. I have clicked on "Input" and I see nothing there, so I've suspected if that has something to do with the colour change. So is it? That's my second question. I have tried to look around on the forums to see if I co
  5. When i am online in the game, i cant hear when other people are using their horn. I can see the horn symbol appear, but there is no sound. I have read that you can pres TAB, to enter a menu where you can enable horn sounds. But when i press TAB i cannot move my mouse, into that screen to press settings, i appears that the mouse is moving under the TAB menu. Is there another way for me to enable horn sounds?
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