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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow truckers, I'd like to know who of you is in favor of served-sided economy and uneditable user profiles in TruckersMP and who is not. Note: "Uneditable" means no money, experience, level or any other entries can be changed by you in your profile. To earn money, gain experience and level up you would be required to deliver cargo. Please vote above and if you like leave a comment below . Thanks!
  2. RobinOfaT


    Hey! So me and my friend made new profiles yesterday since we got bored and wanted to startover again. So we grinded for atleast 6-8 hours. And when i went back to the PC today and loaded up TMP my profile was gone? I created a new one and tried to look at all my profiles but there was just the one that i created 10 seconds before? This has happend to me 2-3 times by the time span of 2 days. Its really annoying since i dont really bother start from level 0 and work my way up again. Is there and easy solutions to this or do i just have to create a new profile and grind for a couple of hours? Thanks have a good day!
  3. Hi. I was messing in my profiles in documents earlier today and accidentally renamed one of my profiles. This made the profile i renamed disappear ingame, and i didnt notice that before i just started up my computer now. Im unable to hit CTRL+Z since the comuter was turned off. I still have all files from the last user but i dont know the long combination of the profile in my documents. Since i have all the files i tried making a new profile and paste all the old files into the new one. But my new profile didnt change to the last one that was lost. So i really need help!! And i dont want to start over in ETS2.
  4. Yesterday I worked my butt off getting that Raven degsin pack on my online profile on v 1.15. Today I downgraded and when I pressed "Continue" on the profiles page it said incompatible save. Every one of them! Does this mean I have to restart everything please tell me no! Or do I just wait for MP to update?
  5. Hey guys, this question is especially for the Admins: Do we need a new ETS2-profile, if the patch 0.1.1 will be out ? I'm asking for a friend, because he does a mega project and needs information about the upcoming patch. Regards, Mercord7
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