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  1. Haaaappy birthday mateee :love:

    1. AssassinGoEasy


      Happy Birthday to you too :)


  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Canadian!


  3. Hello, it seems that every time I attempt to rest, quick travel, or use a ferry in game, ETS2 stops responding and the game screen freezes. Occasionally, the time "passes" and the game unfreezes while other times I'm forced to press the reset button on my computer. Alt F4 never works and the cursor doesn't appear in the task manager. Any potential reasons why this may happen and are there any accompanying solutions to this issue?
  4. So I logged on to ATS MP shortly before this post and went into my mod manager to make sure I don't have any harmful mods on, I didn't but I noticed that the long frame hybrid mod for the Peterbilt 579 was missing and the enabled mod section had a ! beside it. I then logged onto single player to enable it, to then see that it was in my mod section. So are hybrid mods no longer allowed..? Or am I missing something?
  5. Hello, I have a question regarding controls. I steer with my mouse so I cannot get high enough to reach the radio switches. Look up middle also doesn't look up high enough and I don't want to be in a weird seating position, any idea on how to solve it without having to steer with the keyboard? (I drive the Peterbilt 579 and the radio is at a hight in the cab where you can on;y see the wire that leads to the mic) -Edit: I'm losing connection to game servers every now and then after the update.
  6. So that Puncake convoy was good while it lasted..https://youtu.be/oM01h_HbZCc Got a lag spike (My first MAJOR one) and who ever was behind me (Sorry) rear ended me and in his eyes I he probably thought I lost connection. Not the case..

  7. Anyone want to direct me into the right path? I need a good free recording software.

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    2. Clashin_Jon
    3. konfig0


      I prefer OBS, only doesn't work with OpenGL mode in ets2.

    4. Trucking Canadian

      Trucking Canadian

      Thanks guys. Going with OBS

  8. Oh boy! Doing the 125 ton challenge with a few friends. Erfurt to Venenzia with 400hp engines! Keep distance from us :D

    1. SeRGiOPaOk4


      try to do the alps from milano so somewhere north ;)

  9. Make that both servers are down.

  10. /: update just came now server 1 is down.

  11. I don't think that getting rid of that speedlimiter is good at ALL. First damn update without RootKiller and it gets lifted. I can see how these new people are going to manage this mod now. God all mighty it's going to be like a dictatorship!
  12. Patiently waiting for DLC Scandinavia! Any idea when it gets released?

  13. Done installing...Back on my journey to Aberdeen!

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