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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to share a visual from the Truckersmp compatible sound mods I prepared. I want to share the video soon.
  2. Today such a question came to my mind What should we do in this process if we are banned from incorrect coding or improper trailer use in the lorry we have used unknowingly? Will the defeated ban be directly perma? Yes, if this happens, what should the banned user do? because he might not have done it knowing he'd get banned. Since there are many people coding, he may have created a nice reflection for himself by creating a different concept
  3. Hello all, i understand that this isn't the main games forum, but im sure you all can help me out. The problem i have is that on my account i have too mutch money, it has reached the point that i don't get joy of playing. i have collected 1,200,000,000+ money whit no cheats or mods, i have unlocked all garages, recently sold all my cars and drivers but understood that it will take super long time to get rid of the money in buyng and selling trucks... I have tried reseting it true console and eaven from game file, but it doesnt work. I would like to know if for example i start new account will all my progress in truckers will be lost or it will count eaven when i start a new account. And second, is it somehow possible to reset my money so that im left whit all my levels but no money? Thank you all, -burkanss
  4. Witam, chciałem ostatnio zacząć grać z moim kolegą. Niestety pomimo tego, że ma on etsa na steam i przegrał 5 godzin, to jednak pojawia mu się informacja, że nie można znaleźć gry, lub że profil jest prywatny ( oczywiście wszystkie ustawieniu prywatności są zmienione poprawnie). Czy jest jakaś inna opcja założenia konta ? Czy ktoś z truckers mp mógłby założyć konto ręcznie ?
  5. I have been playing ets 2 mp for more than a year ... as of now I tried to run ets 2 mp today and I found out that all my profiles are washed away. How do I retrieve these profiles...I got many garages and money and trucks modified .. I dont want to lose it. How come all of a sudden these profiles can washed away.?
  6. So I recently got back to playing ETS 2 MP. So the problem is, I know all the information for my account and I can easily Login to my account in net but when I launch up my TruckersMP and when I enter my info it just says. Email or password is invalid. Because of that I have also tried to change my password and email and I even got to put on 2fa. I tried to Login after that, still the same problem. I also reinstalled truckersmp but nothing has changed and it still says the same again. Has anyone got solution to this? It would really be helpful because only reason I like to play ETS a lot is, because of the Multiplayer Mod. (PS - I am not family sharing either)Edited: I think I found why It says that. So few years ago I was playing ETS2 on my Main Steam account which now is hacked and is connected to this TruckersMP account. I cant log into it , I have also tried to contact support about it but its not working either. So now Im playing on another account which has ETS2 and lot of DLC. I tried to login from that account , maybe thats why it says that the info is invalid. Also this account Im using right now is connected to another TruckersMP account , which I dont know info for , I cant remember what email I had for it and stuff so my situation is pretty awfull. Im really hoping that there would be a way how to fix this. So the things I need is. I need my Main Steam Account to get disconnected from this TruckersMP account , Im using at the moment.And I also need my other steam account I only have at the moment to get disconnected from my other TruckersMP account. I can also give you links to both of my steam community accounts. Or the second way you could help would be that , I could get my other TruckersMP account info and login and play on it and it will work since my current steam account is connected there. Thank you very much! Have a Merry Christmas Truckers and everyone else!
  7. Hello, I recently changed the graphics card and wanted to test it on the MP platform and here suddenly large drops from fixed 60fps to 20fps every about 20 seconds. It is not on SP. GTX 1060 X GAMING 6GB, I5 3570 3.40 GHZ, 8GB RAM. This happens on all settings. This is only on MP. On SP is good. Vsynce is off and the equipment is from high shelf, flags and accessories in the MP settings are turned off. After changing the card, this is happening and I have no idea why I've tried everything :c This happens only on the mp client even if I get kicked from MP to SP it's the same, I checked it out.
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