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Found 4 results

  1. Merhaba Arkaşalar şuan 1.35 rmultiplayer da 750 beygir (750HP)mod yasak mı ?
  2. I have no idea why MP had applied 150KM/h lock on every server. We can't use 750HP mod at all. When I asked to TruckersMP Facebook forum they had answered me like this. "In real world 90km/h is the truck speed limit. This is a simulator not a racing game". Actually there was alot of people following rules when the lock wasn't applied. When we are driving on empty road that's the time when using 750HP. Now I need to waste my time when driving on empty road, I understand there are a lot of trollers. But that dosen't mean you guys apply speed lock to an innocent user. Why do employ admins? Why do you patrol on C-D? Just relax! Cause there is 150 Lock So no one can't troll!!!!! It really dosen't make sense. 150 lock don't solve anything. On ROK forum Every user has been dissapointed on this update. you guys need to find the another plan. Please deactivate the 150lock.
  3. DrainDoc

    750hp volvo mod

    I am new to TruckersMP and I am trying to find a compatible 750hp Volvo engine mod. This is one that I have tried....doesn't work.......http://www.modsats.com/volvo-d16k-engines-for-t680-579-trucks/ Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am new to the forums, I searched around but couldn't find a solution. I have been trying to find a working "750hp engine for all trucks" mod, so far the ones I have found wasn't supported in the multiplayer, despite of them being from the suggested links in the mod rules. Does anyone have a working mod for this ? I want to be able to drive other trucks, but I am so used to 750hp Volvos even a 625hp Mercedes feels like a tractor. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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