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  1. Firstly let me say that I know what I'm suggesting is a major project and not just a little tweek. I enjoy ETS2 and TruckersMP a lot. I find it relaxing and more so when listening to various streaming radio stations , catching up on the news and listening to some tunes. Very much like I would do in real life. One thing I miss between the single player version and the multi-player one is the lack of 'realistic' traffic. In MP we have world without any NPC traffic which seems a bit unrealistic. It means that one can drive blindly, ignoring many road traffic signs and lights etc knowing that if theres no 'dot' on the sat-nav nearby ... the road is clear and there is no need for caution and observation of road rules. I am also a software engineer by trade an understand many of the difficulties in what I'm proposing but I believe it would be possible to have enough NPC/AI units operating to give a more realistic feeling of traffic, so as to make the experience better and make us observe road-craft much more. Now I admit I dont know the specifics of how ETS2 works ... what export functions are available etc ... but my logic goes like this. Each server has a client limit... a limit beyond which the experience ( lagging etc ) becomes intolerable.... Ive seen one server with over 4000 on it and whilst in some areas the experience was fine in others the lagg simply made the sim ... unplayable. Anyway what if it was decided to limit a server to 4000 but allow only 3000 client connections and allow a maximum 1000 AI/NPC units to be spawned at any one time .... NPC units activated only in areas where the ratio of 'client activity' to 'area' was below a certain level. This would mean that a client may encounter NPC traffic whilst away from the centres of Client activity, which would add greatly to the experience and the need to remain focused all the time. Of course NPC spawns would only 'exist' whilst within an interactive range of a client unit and so once out side that range would de-spawn so as to allow another to be activated else where.... I feel that even if a small number of AI/NPC units were spawned the effect on client driver behaviour would be changed dramatically and add to the realism and enjoyment and therefore the success of the Mod. Perhaps an opinion poll amongst MP-Truckers might point the way . Like a question - If limiting server numbers to a no-lagg level which would accommodate some AI units would be desirable? Any just a thought ... I know it would make my experience so much better. Duncan
  2. Thanks all ....SOLVED. It was a case of Copying both the ETS2 and ETS2MP folders from my old Documents folder into the New one and including ETS2MP as a non Steam app in my Steam account. Both working though I only play MP.. and all my history is intact. Thanks again all
  3. Hi Following a catastrophic system failure ... I have had to completely replace my PC system. I have saved the HD that had all ETS2 & ETS2_MP files on. My question is is there a link to or can anyone advise here ... of the install process of both that will ALSO restore my MP in game data. I have been playing for some time and would not like to have to restart my character from scratch! I tried but obviously got it wrong ... it just fires up ETS2 single player .. asking for me to create a new character !! PS the whole 'Steam' thing confuses me ... but I guess its part of the equation too. Regards Rockhaggis
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