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  1. Firstly let me say that I know what I'm suggesting is a major project and not just a little tweek. I enjoy ETS2 and TruckersMP a lot. I find it relaxing and more so when listening to various streaming radio stations , catching up on the news and listening to some tunes. Very much like I would do in real life. One thing I miss between the single player version and the multi-player one is the lack of 'realistic' traffic. In MP we have world without any NPC traffic which seems a bit unrealistic. It means that one can drive blindly, ignoring many road traffic signs and lights etc kno
  2. Thanks all ....SOLVED. It was a case of Copying both the ETS2 and ETS2MP folders from my old Documents folder into the New one and including ETS2MP as a non Steam app in my Steam account. Both working though I only play MP.. and all my history is intact. Thanks again all
  3. Hi Following a catastrophic system failure ... I have had to completely replace my PC system. I have saved the HD that had all ETS2 & ETS2_MP files on. My question is is there a link to or can anyone advise here ... of the install process of both that will ALSO restore my MP in game data. I have been playing for some time and would not like to have to restart my character from scratch! I tried but obviously got it wrong ... it just fires up ETS2 single player .. asking for me to create a new character !! PS the whole 'Steam' thing confuses me ... but I guess its part of
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