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  1. Where is my VTC ?

    Obviously it was inactive seen as I had a serious car accident and couldn't walk or work let alone game. There was a lot of effort put into getting the VTC up and running so surely something can be done. It's not like am a child or anything I am a 37 year old man with a life and a family.
  2. Where is my VTC ?

    Hi not sure who I need to speak to but I ran a VTC with another guy called Jay but in December last year I had a serious car accident and have not even been able to game since. I am now back online and have purchased a new pc which arrives Wednesday. However I have noticed on the forum the VTC seems to have disappeared, company was called Precision Trucking and I am wanting to obviously keep the VTC running, I have really missed my online gaming so is there anything I can do. ?
  3. Cant login

    I can't find where the information is but you need to complete 2 hours game time in single player and also own your own truck before you can play MP.
  4. Screenshots!

    New company truck, looking fab..
  5. ETS2Map Megathread

    Looking good.
  6. Police & Public Car Update Info

    Trolls get tired quicker if people don't bite when they doing it. Leave them to it, report them, eventually they will be banned and move on.
  7. Need help with game grash

    Hey guys, I have been having a problem on ETS2MP this week where I can be driving for a random amount of time but then the game will just freeze, I get a buzzing down my headset and only thing I can do is hard reset my pc. Once I start pc back up it does a steam update every time, can this be related ?. Any help would be appreciated.