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  1. Kappa5

    liltooch11 needs help

    Well, try to explain better your problem. I found that you don't know your password right? You can get your password back here: https://truckersmp.com/auth/password/reset. Make sure your Steam account email is the same with your TruckersMP account. If your game (not TruckersMP) doesn't work, i suggest to start a discussion on Steam, or look at SCS's official site: http://www.scssoft.com. Kind Regards, Kappa5
  2. Kappa5

    ETS2MP not launching correctly

    Hello danielcachucho97, Go to Document/ETS2MP and delete the launcher.dat file and launch the game. Kind regards, Kappa5 4
  3. Nice job, this is awesome. Also, nice translation.
  4. Kappa5

    ETS 2 MP stay's open even after exiting.

    First of all, please make a validation of game files, you can do it on Steam, Euro Truck Sim 2 properties then go to verify game files, to see if one it's missing. If you are running the game on x64 type in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer shortcut after the default line "-64". Do it the same if you are with x32. Troubleshoot your game with the help of Windows. If this won't help you, please talk to community developer. Kind regards, RobertB55
  5. Kappa5

    Winter mod not working

    Hello, the Winter mod is available especially in winter, if the admins want to put it. Kind regards, RobertB55
  6. Kappa5

    Still banned

    Ban lenght it's in UTC time-zone, please check the forum before make a new topic about it. Regards, RobertB55
  7. Kappa5

    Speed Limit on EU2?

    Speed limiter in ESC -> Gameplay Speed limiter in TruckersMP settings (TAB) -> Options World of Trucks trailers will give you a 90km/h / 55mph speed limit. Regards, RobertB55
  8. the important thing is your trailer, if you are focused to your trailer (make sure u don't hit anyone and no one hits you), drive slow and safe
  9. Kappa5

    Need help with game grash

    Clean your processor, this is not a crash.
  10. Kappa5 has been released.

    thanks for the update