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  1. Happy birthday and may health and happiness continue to accompany you. Salute to you.

  2. I have a problem. This game is on none in beta tab and mod barely installed. Edit: is working now. I should start the game from launcher. Thank's for winter mod!
  3. I don't see ETS 2 MP Support tab and at help zone ETS2 MP support 1 and 2 appears error "max client reached"
  4. Yes I have but tomorrow. I go to sleep.
  5. @The Leeds Lad No result. Still start in singleplayer. How?
  6. @PursuitGamer Yes same problem. @Merciful Yes from steam. @xxxBl4ck I don't have any startoption.
  7. @PursuitGamer6 D:/Games Steam/SteamApps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2 @Merciful74 Not working. Still starts in singleplayer.
  8. I have this problem. When I launch multiplayer game starts in singleplayer. Mod is installed corectly in c/program files/euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer and path to the game.
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