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  1. ^ No .. It`s only in MP ... I don`t know, I once selected this where was writen (recomended) and this table panel with choosing Opengl or directx isn`t showing again.
  2. where do you need to upload it? I got it .... http://pastebin.com/fhs8SWjd i upload it on pastebin like you said.... or i can upload here
  3. Hello. i need help with fatal error / crash. Game is about 30minutes-1hour going ok but after then game crash and say : fatal error. do you want to send crash.log? .... it do it every time
  4. Hi. Know somebody how to make your own trailer?? I seen some players that they have it . They have their own text, pictures etc. Thanks
  5. I modded Skoda engine to Scania but in Single it doesnt work ... and i cant now go to Muliplayer ... i want to know that is normal or no thanks
  6. Nice but i can see that only in ETS2MP or can i see it in Singleplayer too? thanks
  7. ^ I´ve it there but nobody answered to it
  8. Dear admins... I´m very sad because I´ve got unfairly ban... I got it in Europoort ... there was crash and after then traffic jam. I was going fast from highway (I saw them at the last minute) and I overtook 4 trucks ... (I didn´t have trailer) .. If I didn´t overtake them ,I´d crashed into them and make new colison.... it would be bigger mistake .... and i got ban for it...... I have video ... you can watch it .. So please give me Unban... it was my First and last mistake.. i won´t do it twice :
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