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  1. ^ No .. It`s only in MP ... I don`t know, I once selected this where was writen (recomended) and this table panel with choosing Opengl or directx isn`t showing again.
  2. where do you need to upload it? I got it .... http://pastebin.com/fhs8SWjd i upload it on pastebin like you said.... or i can upload here
  3. Hello. i need help with fatal error / crash. Game is about 30minutes-1hour going ok but after then game crash and say : fatal error. do you want to send crash.log? .... it do it every time
  4. Hi. Know somebody how to make your own trailer?? I seen some players that they have it . They have their own text, pictures etc. Thanks
  5. I modded Skoda engine to Scania but in Single it doesnt work ... and i cant now go to Muliplayer ... i want to know that is normal or no thanks
  6. Nice but i can see that only in ETS2MP or can i see it in Singleplayer too? thanks
  7. yeah guys you should be happy .. my ping is jumping between 30 and 1000 .... when im still 50 or less im going still normal...sometimes 70 or more I´m jumping ... sometimes big jump sometimes small
  8. ^ I´ve it there but nobody answered to it
  9. Dear admins... I´m very sad because I´ve got unfairly ban... I got it in Europoort ... there was crash and after then traffic jam. I was going fast from highway (I saw them at the last minute) and I overtook 4 trucks ... (I didn´t have trailer) .. If I didn´t overtake them ,I´d crashed into them and make new colison.... it would be bigger mistake .... and i got ban for it...... I have video ... you can watch it .. So please give me Unban... it was my First and last mistake.. i won´t do it twice :
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