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  1. Half a year and no updates. This mod seems dead now.
  2. Soo what about custom engine sounds?
  3. Saw a bunch of people crashing as I entered phoenix. I was crashing in Oxnard though.
  4. Having more staff would be better than wasting the time setting up a server.
  5. Doesn't seem reliable if the admin is being lazy and just clicks a random number. I would say this has a 50/50 chance of working, lel.
  6. Been a while since they added any new features ingame. Would be nice if they could get a couple people to help get er done instead of waiting on whoevers uncle to do it themselves. :/ Would like snow ingame before summer.
  7. When you releasing someones ATS wintermod @mwl4?
  8. So it will work even though in the mod manager it has that red explanation mark? Forgot to say about my engine sounds too cause those dont even work. How would I make engine sounds work? When I get in MP my truck has no sounds.
  9. Installed one the mods from the approved sites on the pinned thread for 125 ton challenge and its disabled... Sooo, whats wrong here? (Lol, my sig was removed by some **** for being 40kb over the limit.) http://forerunner-mp-mods.weebly.com/ats-trailer-weight-mods.html
  10. Is this on both games? And which servers?
  11. ^ Still need 64bit supporting hardware.
  12. Cool, now sync server times again so that if I go into SP and join MP my job isn't late. Used to work but shits broke now.
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